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Anthology hire originality garden area to want " 6 look "

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Article premise wants: For the person that inspects originality garden area to hire office spot to preparation, it is a necessary process. The expert reminds, it is OK to inspect garden area undertake from 6 respects such as fixed position, management, form a complete set, property management and garden division function, if can satisfy the requirement of these respects, suit oneself undoubtedly.

Originality garden area is increasing, the choice of originality proprietor of an enterprise is corresponding more also. Originality garden area offerred fundamental condition for originality estate development, and the original intention of originality industry is to give aid to medium and small businesses, the made window that makes socioeconomy. Current, shanghai goes in countrywide front row in the development respect of originality industry, the garden division that has given a shop sign had achieved 75. In the whole nation other place also is developing originality property energetically, if Beijing, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Qingdao takes seriously what the originality industry that wait also gets highly.

So, in the spring tide that develops in this originality industry, the medium and small businesses in participating in its advocate what care most is how to choose garden area undoubtedly, should inspect those elements? Besides hire, what problem still needs to notice? ... these are the real problems that they want to face, not allow careless.

   The choice is increasing

Mr Ruan of Shanghai opened a firm related to culture industry, basically be engaged in advertisement engineering the business of the respect, scale is not at present large, accordingly he feels to not was necessary to lease the office building of downtown.

Mr Ruan is calling the office inside a commercial building near Pu Qiao all the time so, but the grow in quantity as personnel, already appeared a little crowded. The friend suggests he leases a space inside originality garden area, because such local atmosphere is good, accord with the characteristic that advertisement engineers. And the hire level of originality garden area is not at present high, for opposite office building, want material benefit a few.

As the development of Shanghai originality industry, originality garden area also is in ceaseless grow in quantity. With a lot of countries on the world, the originality industry of Shanghai grows, rise in the development in the setting of Shanghai industry structural adjustment. Transfer to environs as industry, the old factory building that Shanghai center the city zone kept nearly 20 million square metre, old warehouse and old building, through design and be being transformed, turned present originality garden into the area.

As we have learned, the area of originality industry assemble of complete Shanghai, having 2/3 above develop old factory building, old warehouse and old building to wait for the resource that put an amount to be built through protection, formed region industry characteristic stage by stage, involve industrial design, building design, computer software design, dress design, travel to taste design, game to design, artwork is created and trade, move free design and make, movie and TV is made, the originality industry domain such as medium representative.
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