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Two counter people appear to enrage in female outfit small shop more flourishing

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Walk into stadium road uncommon gens small shop, the news of accurate mom news that wants to clean out bit of dress to oneself originally is a little unexpected, the small shop of 50 square metre, outside filled up with daughter of of all kinds is installed, one smaller part is colourful childen's garments inside, entirely different, but look not random. Phonic news gives self-selection a full jacket, return settle on the small dress of a darling, checkout when, phonic news discovers suddenly: Two counters, outside this is writing uncommon gens, inside a home that keeping flummery however, is this two inn clearly?
The phonic news that buys a clothes each in inn of two wife and children got a discount finally. The client is satisfactory, two young shopkeepers are quite happy also. The boss square young lady of uncommon gens tells a reporter, such adding up to hire collocation to be able to increase many people to enrage. "Some people buy female outfit presumably, but see here also has childen's garments to sell can look incidentally, after some people are developing childen's garments to come in, discovery has suitable female costume to also can be bought incidentally. Discovery has suitable female costume to also can be bought incidentally..

Wang Ying tells the proprietress of the home of flummery the reporter, small shop start business is strong in his inn full a week. "Originally I do wholesale business in blueness of the four seasons, the business is done hard now, so the decision turns to be done all right retail. So the decision turns to be done all right retail..

The dress sold harder and harder. Wang Ying says, specific him data does not have statistic, but him eye is seeing, shopping person is little, the person of argy-bargy is much rise. The person that buys the clothes readily is little, come the person of exchange a purchase however be good at. "I am paying close attention to the message on TV news, net, whole now economic situation is bad, dress approves hair business to suffer an effect. My reckon is worn, retail may relatively better. " Wang Ying comes over to look close hire field to concluded next contracts that day, a year of chummage 30 thousand money, did not transfer cost. The 3rd day of small shop opened business, "Those who take a fancy to is this year of ability the hire of 30 thousand money, although make money also very won't much, but deficient chance is a few less. Nevertheless, business of second half of the year is better than first half of the year, so I will be driven in October to open business, earn a bit more. " as expected, this one chapel, wang Ying's turnover has many 1000 money. And implicative square young lady, much also business of a few bases.

The global slump this year spreads, let Everyman feel a chill apparently, the purse of consumer begins to cover tightened. The business is done hard, the businessman is forced again and again of creation of cudgel one's brains for buys temptation. Before what we see is more, vivid change of businessman Ying Jiling manages content. Chaffy dish inn, woollen sweater inn is when the weather is for instance cold, until day heat rises, these inn suddenly change one's identity, become those who sell cold drink, relapse so.
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