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"Transfer cost " go regulation is more and more unusual

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Recently, abide by justice because one dress merchant rejected appearance landlord to go up the requirement of hire, the result is accused by landlord court, should her " drive out " give appearance. On October 15, when this merchant requirement landlord returns the appearance that pays at the outset to make over take time, be answered by landlord however " won't return according to custom " .

Ask for " transfer cost " meet with refus

Introduce according to Ms. Huang, she was in county of phoenix ridge of city of abide by justice to hire an appearance to open clothing store last year. The renting time limit that signs with landlord is 5 years, both sides agrees the first year hire is 30 thousand yuan, by market price case promotes later. When the contract is signed, huang Hai transfers cost to what landlord pays 28000 yuan.

This year in July, do not accept landlord because of fizzling out go up the condition of hire, landlord asks Ms. Huang is moved. But beg to landlord when Ms. Huang 28000 yuan when be forced to hand in at the outset make over take time, refuse however. Landlord says to transfer cost is both sides talks things over consistent, write those who received the contract that rent, and use at offsetting loss of money of the appearance decorate previously, foundation.

Landlord will hire room door to tell a court

Because both sides talks things over not approach, landlord was sued to local court recently, the requirement removes the renting contract with Ms. Huang, request to sentence make more than yuan 20 thousand recoup all sorts of losses. Landlord thinks, transfer cost everybody is closing, "Won't return according to custom " . Current, this case has entered cognizance order.

As we have learned, so-called business shop transfers cost, it is former commonly bear the charge of collection of the person that Xiang Jicheng of the person that hire is hired. The foundation is current " convention " , although empty inn is made over,also want collection " transfer cost " . These year, the cession of a few popular a sector of an area expends abide by justice to had been as high as ten yuan even hundred thousands of yuan. Many personages that abide by justice will come to to be in business first tell a reporter, a lot of appearance " hire is gotten high fearsome, make over Feigaode to frighten a the dead " . And, transferring cost also is a year taller than a year, but the extent that rise is him transferrer said to calculate however, do not have what rule and mode but character.

"Go regular " defeat solution urgently

In the light of " transfer cost " the phenomenon that grow in intensity, when industrial and commercial bureau of city of abide by justice Director Mu Xu accepts a reporter to interview, say, because real life is medium,a lot of appearance make over both sides is " one wishs to hit, one wishs to endure " circumstance, and order normally have contract bond, because this is industrial and commercial,the branch is opposite very hard " transfer cost " say " not " .
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