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Manual chocolate packs a new idea

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Plunge into a rose 12 yuan, if one by one clip, match with elegant wrapping paper, a bundle of flower can sell about a hundred yuan. Eden of Chinese mouth new people has a chocolate mill, put chocolate into the colourful box that pack, tick off the desire to buy that removes people.

Merchant Chen Yisheng is Fujian Xiamen person, ever in Switzerland some famous chocolate company works 6 years, because married wife of a Wuhan, two years ago, he returns Wuhan to leave piece " Ke Lifang of COCO hand fine " .

He discovers, be in Wuhan, the chocolate that bazaar, supermarket sells, design is simple, satisfy personalized requirement of the client very hard. He chooses breach in bag mount.

The box is intentional form, quadrate; Design has Ni Xiong of KITTY cat, dimension; Material has paper character, of iron... in COCO chocolate lane, the smooth box that pack has about a hundred kinds, colour profusion. One is saying in the girl of the choose and buy inside inn, elegant ceremony box is taken so that move, ate to should receive a case very beautiful also.

Chen Yisheng says, he inspects a few months before set up shop, a company of Guangzhou of make choice of that pack nods collaboration surely. Such, although the client cannot make chocolate personally, but can choose figure the box of chocolate composition ceremony of each different, write again on beatific language, make personalized gift.

Chocolate ceremony box presses a valuation, general one needs tens of yuan reach about a hundred yuan, pack free. Chen Yisheng says, he is mastering exclusive supply of goods, plus originality, the profit of chocolate can be as high as 50% . Before before long, he is in 10 thousand amount to commercial square to open a store newly, take the sock such as plum of carry out word, jerk. He says, the 10 thousand flow that amount to a person are large, the sock that takes carry out can be brought two into turnover, "Used storefront better at the same time resource " .

He introduces, this 10 thousand amount to new store to have 14 square metre, lunar hire 8000 yuan, engage 3 employee, monthly pay in all 5000 yuan, cost of charge of electricity, property needs 1000 yuan, every month should sell 20 thousand yuan of above to just money earns.

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