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Store of busy streets flourishing opens a low end mysteriously variety shop

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Preexistence downtown looks for a small the facade of a shop, hire annual 150 thousand yuan, give " 2 yuan of inn " . After a month, make over with 200 thousand yuan price again.

This summer, shenzhen somebody begins to use " open 2 yuan of inn " means heats up the shop that fry business. Leave " 2 yuan of inn " also be the person that ab extra Wu is versed in only no longer, the investment settle or live in a strange place that has actual strength more very much begins the appearance that in the city choose of the most flourishing a sector of an area suits, it is a such small shop only.

Someone says, be in east a of the door " 2 yuan of inn " doorway, stopping to run quickly everyday car.

According to not complete count, will begin in April from this year, in short 4 months time, become silent in Shenzhen person line of sight old " 2 yuan of inn " the attention that caused common people afresh, they develop toward downtown from the suburb, the amount is added reach many 40.

Looking up is cashmere inn taking the door is 2 yuan of inn

Borrow shop set up shop, do another kind lay the line of money?

Low layer consumes group of mainstreams that are 2 yuan of inn from beginning to end to consume a crowd in. However, be in Shenzhen the earliest outside Shanghaiguan or village class are street 2 yuan of inn of look good as result of recieving praise, begin to point town of a gleam of now flourishing area, market of race to control.

Somebody discovers, these are located in the footing of downtown small shop, be similar a sector of an area it seems that " woollen sweater inn " . Hang " ovine head " , sell " 2 yuan " , the ground like the miracle appears in urban center.

"Each 2 yuan, all 2 yuan. This inn is steam again capital, check inventory sale, come quickly choose and buy! " this assistant of 2 yuan of small shop on Hua Jiang north, it is to use all the time horn and peddle voice will attract a customer.

The shampoo that washbasin of bust bodice aglet, young toy, tire, cosmetic, enamel, justice black produces, these are filled up with the is less than 20 square metre shop of little thing, resemble extremely on century the variety shop of 80 time old Shenzhen.

The commodity inside inn, or be hang on the wall, or be place on the ground, or be put on bar, occupied available space. Alone the member receive silver of one person, sideways the body sits on the table that leads a drawer, wait to come round to seek the client of 0.

A Fujian boss has left in the urban district give 6 " 2 yuan of inn "

It is by the side of not remote from cloth auspicious custom careless Bu market, also have " 2 yuan of inn " , the area is less than 10 square metre, lunar hire 6000 yuan.
"Must be the line on sewing machine bought? " " is the fruit cut? " in the morning at 9 o'clock, of many motor-car riding report, go to work transient person explore asks into inn. Busy full tally wears boss Chen Gen, was used to such inquiry it seems that, use only simple " have " , " not " answer.
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