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Beautiful not be to display! Expose the serious error of existence at present

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As nearly two years " clothing store is displayed " notional popularity, home is very much display groom the orgnaization is like emerge, display the explanatory note that had differring to dress, among them a few orgnaizations are emphasized display put under and beautiful, good-looking! In fact, this kind of theory and conduct propaganda are advocated is having serious error, can saying even is a kind of misdirect!

Having the person of this kind of concept, manage place ought to the ground thinks, get kind of clothing store elaborate good-looking, beautiful, attract client eyeball, attracted client eyeball to promote a client naturally to buy clothing, sold outstanding achievement to also promote of course. This is actually a kind very simple add be equal to the logic of 2.

For example, some groom orgnaization or advisory company is rolled out display " PIN WORK " technical course, "Pin " be in English " needle " meaning, use needle and the dress skill that cloth creates namely, but design with dress " former stylistic garment " different is, "Pinwork " multi-purpose reveal at commercial shopwindow. A cloth, use brooch to make auxiliary tool, can give a variety of dress pattern in the commutation on model body. PinWorK also makes stereo injection art, 20 centuries 50 time metaphase, by the fabrics inn that is located at Parisian sweet Xie Li to abandon an ave " Lodan " exclusive the reason of culture college professor that stylist division Long Buchuan gives Japan grows original period to take the place of, bring back Japan by its, and with " needle art " names, travel to come next.

But worth while and numerous what the student that thinks study displays notices is: It is to expose the spot of a knowledge in the category merely, do not represent whole expose intellectual system!

Mere ground is attracted or most client buys clothing to shop do not like to be bought with respect to impulse, the sex that still involves dress the associated sex of valence comparing, dress, theme sex of dress. Say well and truly, dress displays a be visual sale main component, covered commodity to learn, sale learns, the knowledge of much door course such as engineering of art of psychological, vision, human body, it is an omnibus course.

Accordingly, beautiful not be the primary purpose that display, light is brilliant cannot promoting a sale is no use! The effect that display: Promotion sale, reduce inventory! Accordingly, display division not only should know engineering of aesthetic, human body, chromatics to be in clothing company even put oneself through the mill is old, master dress adequately to flow to production and goods other people from the design wait for each link, and the characteristic pattern that dress sells, be like: Lifecycle, free, smooth, slow-moving, corresponding stock analysis is waited a moment.

For example, to some clothing store display, have experience as display division to won't start work immediately, also won't pass merely a few display formative stunt to attract client eyeball, meet above all v of data of the sale data this shop near future, reserve data, order for goods will undertake thorough analysis, understanding tastes the sale speed that appear on the market and its corresponding stocks newly, the seasonal change law that passes this area judges the lifecycle of its product, decide thereby advocate turn range of products and sales promotion set; Grow communication understanding to be tasted newly with inn even at the same time after appearing on the market, the client feedback to each product, the analysis is clear and popular reach slow-moving reason, again the " of slow-moving product inside pick up lifecycle sells a dot " , the " that undertakes the product is highlighted displays a watch to narrate " ; Of course, undertake survey to the competitor around even, those who understand a competitor is new taste a circumstance, its main product characteristic and display a program, those who include feature of competitor A, B, C is outstanding displaying is the content such as what; Want pair of this shop finally advocate discharge of passenger flow direction, guest, client moves the element such as the line to undertake true analysis is judged into inn.
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