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In the network sale that taxes treasure to go up it is physical labor so!

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Considered to be in recently clean out the technological process that net store opens on treasure, discover the sale that reachs from preparative set up shop from the back is begun however, basically every link is the activity of room inside and outside that should consume a large number of physical power! What motion measures is big, absolutely not as relaxed as farmer brother farm! This one discovery lets a person be surprised really! The network sale pattern that 21 centuries have an outlook most -- how does net inn become physical labor in China? Look according to me, representing of National People's Congress should suggest to the government 3 farming policy these young shopkeeper that clean out treasure people the limits that brings into a consideration.

How did net inn become Bao Tian, how does merchant become a farmer? I see this among them main and main reason includes the following fields:

1, production enterprise of upper reaches lacks network sale consciousness generally, the business that develops network sale truly is not much, it is rare only, this brings about these young shopkeeper people must obtain supply of goods so that journey fatigueds from traditional wholesale channel, this makes network sale regain is traditional, boss of variety shop of tradition of body of net merchant mutation. And the product is purchased after coming back, the characteristic of network sale decided net merchant people must want to take a picture the product upload, ability buys an option that browse for the network, place the position, right smooth, take a picture! Too bright, retake, too dark, again retake! Had been patted eventually, undertake handling uploading to the picture even. Through do sth over and over again, want for certain tired bend over below. This is current network sale!

2, clean out the supplier such as treasure to lack enterprising spirit as what provide network sale service, very much service mode and means stay basically in the condition a few years ago. Of course, create this one result, this lacks the consumptive habit of sincere letter and people generally to also have particular concern with current China network. But the person basically be offerred that regards network sale as platform, the progress that cleans out the supplier such as treasure whether too slow? Arrive already generally in computer when remote and a mountainous area small town, we still complete network sale in support physical labor however.

Net merchant of China people when is gift truly a few less Where is physical labor? I look 5 years inside implementation is vaguer, if want to be in,so the city is become the word of the farmer, go cleaning out treasure to go an inn!

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