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Stair well shoemaker closes it is which kinds

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When neighbor business also has limit? Be in what bright moon of more beautiful area opened shoemaker 2 times 6 years to close an aunt, look at the business to enter 300 yuan two from the day a few years ago helplessly, fall to enter 7 yuan for day, it is even 0. "Go back belt grandson passes fortunately. " these days, close an aunt to already was in clear goods, the plan closes down at this point.

Shoemaker appearance makes an appointment with 45 square metre, concealed at the bright moon the stair well of 2 residences village is rock-bottom, it is before the door east the back door of hill experiment elementary school. "Before alley mouth did not install iron barrier, the neighbor that gives discrepancy to enter everyday is not little. " from 2002 beginning of set up shop, close an aunt to place the shoe in the doorway, many neighbor conveniently are assisted, daily and average can sell 300 yuan two. The son sees state, buy store very quickly.

"What does the daughter-in-law enter, what do I sell. " close an aunt to express to did not do overmuch research to selling a shoe. The money that the daughter-in-law takes previously is shoe of slipper, sandal, cloth, rubber overshoes to wait for the recreational shoe that wears more daily more. The year before last year, after the daughter-in-law entered many pairs of 40 clogs, let close aunt ask advice to arrive unwell numerous fierce. A neighbor bought clogs, did not wear a few days to come back to complain, "Downstair neighbour with bludgeon jab my home floor, protest is too noisy " . A few pairs of clogs that remain, close an aunt to fall to half price reduction sale, also sold two years many fully.

Emeritus previously, close an aunt to work in the hospital, she says to see shoemaker is for goof. She places piece of deck chair before the shop, ferial help the daily life of a family with pass by neighbor beside stair well, have client presence, take a fancy to drawing out money is. Nevertheless, lie between a street a few this years to also 9 shoemaker open business, and go to Home Hua Runmo from her shop 5 Yang Xincheng inn also need 10 minutes only on foot. Together with at the beginning of this year, house appoint iron barrier can be installed beside shoemaker, be in only in the morning 7 when to in the evening 9 when open a door, the inn that usually old old person thinks of to close an aunt comes, must stride exorbitant about 10 centimeters iron column. Close an aunt to feel, her business from this flat with each passing day.

"Did not sell, become paid back. " since this year, close an aunt to want to receive in the morning send grandchildren to go republic elementary school, afternoon 3 when receive again more come back, shop by when stopping right now, leave, ceng Duo second buy a pair of 7 yuan slipper one day only. There still are 449 pairs of shoes on shoe wearing now, if this month still Qing Dynasty is not over, plan closing an aunt bales his come home.

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