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The path that brand shop lives

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The brand shop that opens on the street is increasing, sell a sock, of material selling ammunition, sell sesame seed cake, sell a comb... , related to our life had brand shop almost, these explain brand shop is a when get used to modern society need effective sale channel. Brand shop has so rapid development rate so only, look from the angle of consumer, because she satisfied consumer to need the requirement of professional service; Look from the angle of manufacturer, because she got used to the need of consumer of press close to of manufacturer control cost.

In brand shop of of all kinds product, health care tastes the sale train of thought of brand shop and characteristic, do possibly more get the better of one prepare. Taste an industry in health care especially sincere letter crisis tall, access can charge fee of heavy, transmission major of sexual difference, service asks high case falls, brand shop became a lot of health care to taste an enterprise a of fast break out of an encirclement efficient way, what home does is better have precious abstruse, green A, midrib, still appeared two years recently the professional channel brand that health care tastes, wait like green century.

Of brand shop live to basically rely on two pillar with gain: It is a product, 2 it is a service. The product is form, the service is fetch. Resemble all industries however same, in the product degree of the attention of this enterprise, effort, implementation is more than a service far. In the product coessential change, the times of demand individuation, serve to taste brand shop to a health care live to will rise to have conclusive effect with the influence of gain, say its serve get the upper hand of to had been been anything but.
Take beforehand, grant first

The product is put in the sale in brand shop, with put in other channel to sell photograph comparing, otherer person feels professional and authentic, brand shop can communicate the figure with expressional business and actual strength more. Do brand shop to be about to resemble like making a brand, carry the detail of square field surface, make the figure of brand shop major, sincere letter. Besides the product excellent outside, must make great efforts full on the service, can approach the product of service make it that prop up the platform of consumer and agency. If relevant service offers customer as the additional value besides a kind of product, can let consumer have the feeling of excessive price, had the feeling of price of this kind of excessive, anxious consumer is not accepted in the heart and do not love you this brand. We can see a few health care are tasted taste the free experience that sells inn to begin, newly give try out, freely wait for an activity, they become the end of some of this activity, want to pass the fragrant heart of consumer of these petty favours capture namely, let you be opposite in the heart above all its have good opinion. China has a common saying to cry: "Mouth having a person is soft, hand of make things difficult for others is short " , had these ferial free to pay, be in when consumer when having relevant demand, they the first the likelihood that remember is you, because be in their heart, you are closer from them one pace, this also is these year experience sale is obtained do not poor a of achievement main reason.
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