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"Grid is spread " more and more suffer bestow favor on by shop of edge of street

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"Grid is spread " the youth that appears to hope to become small boss for those provided a relatively cheap management space, "Grid inn " arisen when it is more manage inside the bazaar such as Xidan Hua Wei, bright phearl. Yesterday, the reporter visits drum-tower ave to take understanding to arrive, because get the jubilation of increasing youth, "Grid inn " had begun side of street of fight in some places one by one.

The reporter understands, "Grid inn " it is the greatly small grid on the wall jacket inside inn of inn chief commander, the person that rent wants pay every months only 180 yuan hire can be become " case advocate " , the goods that sells need is placed in grid, need not be in charge of with respect to what, merchant is in charge of helping you sell go out.

In drum-tower ave the name is " clean out case " " grid inn " inside the reporter sees, here has nearly 100 check, different goods was put inside every grid almost. This inn merchant tells a reporter, "The youth of come and go is very much near this, midday of every the world is the business most fire when, day person is more Saturday " . In leave this " grid inn " the place that is less than 300 meters, opened newly to be called " demon unreal space " " grid inn " , the reporter understands, manage before this merchant small adorn article, small hang etc, because this kind of store is more near this, competition is more intense, do not make what money so. He tells a reporter, "I also am to be in Xidan there see have this kind of store, just think of oneself also manage, although earn not much also, but the buying and selling of this kind of form that rent is steadier, maintain bread to be no problem for certain " .

Be in " grid inn " inside, the reporter sees have a few " case advocate " the business that comes round to examine oneself how, one of interviewing them randomly. "I have a store on the net, but management result of single network inn is bad, inn of popular now net and hypostatic inn tie management way, but I am a student only, do not have so much money to open hypostatic store, hired a grid to treat as so ' hypostatic inn ' . " the reporter is in this " case advocate " the product that saw she sells in grid, it is a few small hang adorn etc gadgety, and this " case advocate " still keep oneself net inn network address in grid above. This " case advocate " still tell a reporter, had seen in bazaar this is planted previously " grid inn " , but street edge inn is increasing also now, and hire relatively inside bazaar even a few lower.

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