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Hangzhou " red side is sartorial " roll out suit individuation to subdue Wu sure

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A suit is placed in you at the moment, how many detail can you notice? Hangzhou " red side is sartorial " the answer is: 200 many, of the depth of fabrics, cuff-link how many, the accident of collarband... the change that these detail are design not only, and can transmit an individual information. A few days ago, "Often close promote " , " Heng Long " wait for a few " red side is sartorial " roll out personalized suit custom-built, what with factory automation line manufacturing suit differs is, of the do to be aimed at individual before consumer buys the clothes " investigate questionnaire " .

The reporter is walked into today often close promote Western-style clothes (Hangzhou) limited company one dug unexpectedly. In the morning 10 when, mr Chen just walked into consumer shop, before a clad adviser walks up instantly, the record lays his bodily form, dress and colour pattern. Then, dress advisory edge introduces design to him, the edge enquires him in the home already some suit design, at ordinary times hobby of habits and customs, disposition, record come down. After passing communication of 20 minutes, mr Chen determines suit pattern, the old technician of hall a side walks according to his already extent of pose, bearing, delimit the design such as the humeral ministry of good suit, waist. Finally, old technician has estimated the height size of Mr Chen, and the spot checks paper-cut sample, this " investigation questionnaire " just be finished.

The reporter takes this " investigation questionnaire " , what upper part records is fundamental condition of the client, lower part is the dress example that has drawn. Clad adviser analyses questionnaire one by one for the reporter, mr Chen wears brunet department dress today, and one's words of the not to be pooh-poohed in communication, disposition slants indrawn, but the job needs again with outside contact with, the aureate stripe with blue-black lively be intermingled chooses on suit fabrics, prominent client heart yearns for the idea of communication; His tallish, face bigger, and the position that is in a company is higher, the design of edge neck line of the suit will be longer, use two to buckle, highlight the temperament with individual elegant demeanour; He walks right shoulder of left shoulder height is low, habitual right hand leads a list, clad and main circumstance is a banquet, accordingly, dress right shoulder is lowered moderately, cuff is in a design to be buckled into 4 when open wide type, of two sleeve close degree tighten up, can raise goblet sufficient.

"Often close promote " it is a hundred years old store, with British London sartorial street cooperates, roll out cent to not be aimed at middleaged support of the people " 80 hind " different group suit is custom-built; "Heng Long " two when invite old Shanghai one's previous experience " red side " renown division, a 12 chain store opens in the whole nation. As we have learned, order the price that makes a suit to be in 3000 yuan mostly consummate 10 thousand yuan differ, need the 7 making time that come 15 days commonly, whole journey takes man-to-man service. "Often close promote " president Wu Guoying tells a reporter, "The dress with sheer individual character ' can talk ' , this is us want inheritance ' red side is sartorial ' quintessential place. This is us want inheritance ' red side is sartorial ' quintessential place..
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