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Wash clothes a popular big suddenly turn hostile

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Mention try the garment, a lot of people can associate narrow, oppressed, dirty the environment that waits for devoid human nature to change a service. Provincial capital part is at present actually medium of high-grade bazaar try the garment already gradually " suddenly turn hostile " , improving its software establishment while, the human nature that reflects a brand changes service and the color with fashionable fastidious.

Capacious space is comfortable experience

Experience ground: Silver-colored brand of 2 some men's clothing tries a store between the garment

Window: Try the garment li of equipment sofa can allow one person to lay down; Greenery loosens the mood

The tradition tries the garment in it is stool of a young timber only usually. But discover when you a certain try the sofa that there is a piece of wide softness unexpectedly between the garment, its length can allow a person to lay down, whether to lay down none can hesitantly, extend a limbs? Yesterday, the reporter tries in what this bazaar discovers some brand there is lounge not only between the garment, greenery, the paper towel case that still convenient client is used and the box that brush a shoe.

Small write feeling speech: Try the garment although cannot resemble displaying,reveal an area to attract a customer directly in that way, but the terminal facilities that contacts intimately as the client, the feeling that can cause a lot of consumer is agreed with. If a brand can pass the capacious and bright grade that tries a few detail between the garment to reveal a brand, consumer nature can produce good opinion to the brand, promote the class of this brand directly thereby.

Brand style is perfect reflect

Experience ground: Expensive with business mansion 2 some female outfit brands try the garment

Window: Brand style and try the perfect couple that decorates between the garment

Walk into this bazaar when the reporter new the brand that introduce tries the garment when, those who experience is a kind of Ou Shi that is full of vogue and romance of princess amorous feelings decorate a style: The information desk of kitchen style, spreading in the center of the hall with the heart with pink mosaic mosaic design. Romantic emotional appeal reflects the princess to be decorated in dress and storefront not only on, still pervade to not was what person place notices to try the garment once upon a time in. Whole like trying the bathroom that young woman student resembles between the garment, bright and pure and fresh tonal, let a person feel already relaxed, lively.

Small write feeling speech: The competition of dress brand has been to rely on a function to gain the market no longer, when technology, fabrics coessential change times advent, the detail that fills human nature to change becomes protruding to show the important way of brand connotation. Perhaps serve to produce the affection resonance, scintilla that lights affection dialog with consumer when a product only when, this kind of product perhaps serves ability qualified make a brand.
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