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How to increase the only store sale of dress brand shop

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The government of brand shop should give benefit, ability reflects integral level of management, how to increase the only store sale of brand shop, it is the focal topic of whole garment industry, oneself think, indispensible grow from inn grab, inn grows the soul that is a brand shop, it is leading sheep, the working ability with long inn reachs leadership, affect the outstanding achievement of whole brand shop directly, grow management to stress shop, no matter be the business that manufactures clothing, still sell the market of dress, long to inn understanding is very clear -- inn is long, it is the controller of an inn.

A lot of inn grow is such understanding to his part: A brand shop seems a home, inn grows the parent that is this home. The parent should worry about all problems of this home, personnel, kinds or types of goods, wholesome, display, brand shop equipment... square field surface should be taken care of, the detail with little any considers to be less than, bring bad influence likely to the job.

More enterprises hope inn is long is an outstanding director. Storefront is the arena of a performance, the hardware establishment inside inn hall is setting and prop, and the material that the kinds or types of goods that the company changes ceaselessly all the year round made a story. Brand shop inn is long should organize these material into fascinating story, tell the visitor of each patronage. What the story tells is good, the guest loves not to love to listen, the organization that grows by inn completely, plan and arrangement, drive.

No matter which are planted view, demonstrated a point of view, that is the leader that brand shop inn grows is an inn, it is the bond that company culture information transfers, the executant that is company sale policy and specific handlers; It is the spokesman of company product, it is the core of shop.

Accordingly, brand shop inn grows need to stand on the footing of operator, integrated, state of affairs of scientific analytic store operation, implement the management policy of executive company with all one's strength. The brand of executive company is politic, develop the function with chief inn with all one's strength.

The working responsibility with brand shop chief inn:

1. Understand the management guiding principle of the brand, the characteristic of basis brand and style implement sale strategy.
2. Abide by each company provision, implement ranking directive, task of make known to lower levels of the company that finish.

3. Be in charge of managing the routine of shop, supervisory assessment guides bought work is behaved, mirror employee trends in time, buy to guiding undertake grooming.

4. Responsible check, account book is made, what commodity has sex is accurate without by accident.

5. The kinds or types of goods inside responsible shop fills neat, commodity is displayed, equipment is safeguarded.

6. Assistance is in charge of processing and the problem that improve shop to run.
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