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2008 China Inner Mongolia casts financing to do poineering work negotiate meetin

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And interlink concessionary management project to exhibit meeting

Advocate Problem: Introduce business chance for Inner Mongolia, introduce Inner Mongolia to the whole nation

Conference time: ——9 was held 7 days month on September 5, 2008

Meeting site: International exhibition center of Huhhot —— Inner Mongolia

Sponsor an unit: Inner Mongolia interlinks commerce of management association Huhhot to promote committee

Assist run an unit: Inner Mongolia is round appoint Huhhot enrols bureau of Inner Mongolia social security trade bureau

Executive unit: The guild that north fights extends a service finite liability company

Conference overview:

Setting: Inner Mongolia, huhhot is the important economy center of respect of our country north, situation is advantageous, 490 kilometers of capital Beijing are apart from east, northing port of 2 inland of Lian Hao spy 490 kilometers. Baotou comes on the west 150 kilometers, southwest 480 kilometers are E Er much this natural gas cropland, beijing bag railroad, Beijing wraps line of freeway, 110 nations, 209 nations line to traverse whole town, become communication Beijing to lead to big northwest main thoroughfare. Huhhot regards culture of economy of Inner Mongolia politics as the center is our country western distance Beijing's closest provincial capital city. Construction of railroad highway traffic is very perfect, it is the ground that outback industry, enterprise makes an on-the-spot investigation and invests the first selection western. In last few years, develop at full speed as economy, people living standard is abundant, economy is in western the row in 12 cities the first, dweller consumption capability is strong, brand acknowledge is spent tall. Meanwhile the city is famous degree also expand ceaselessly, population of obtain employment of going from place to place grows increasingly, breathe out city investment poineering behavior is already all-time and active, investment desire is strong, poineering demand is big, cardinal number of the person that join in potentially is large. In Huhhot grand especially annual Fair of countrywide medicine health care, already achieved year of guest discharge whole nation the first. This shows, huhhot invests poineering demand to spend tall, development perspective is wide. And investment of 2008 China Inner Mongolia does poineering work negotiate meeting and chain are concessionary manage, project of urban industry financing is exhibited when complying with market demand to meet, hold, enrol business both sides to create business chance to investment does poineering work and develop infinite!

Dimensions: Current exhibit what meeting general invites domestic and international potent to cast financing group and 20 provinces city, region industry signs up attend, 40 many delegacy are attended, set two exhibit an area greatly, a few projects, nearly 500 are exhibited. Exhibit during the meeting, sponsor just will organize a series of investment to reach poineering project to recommend meeting, and invest poineering forum, invest directional strategy delibrate.
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