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Trade fair of whole nation of the 14th Zhengzhou

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On October 31, 2008 —11 month 2 days

Zhengzhou international exhibition center

Support Department of Commerce of unit People's Republic of China

Sponsor unit Henan to save people government

Undertake government of people of unit Zhengzhou city

Henan visits business affairs office

Ou Yaguo border exhibits preparatory unit Zhengzhou limited company

Toward reviewTrade fair of —— Zhengzhou whole nation is support of key of Department of Commerce is national exhibit meeting activity, held 13 successfully already since 1995, consequence, radiant emitance grows day and day, trade frontal year after year expands. The 13rd Zheng Jiao can show an area 80 thousand square metre (increase 10 thousand square metre than previous term or session) , install especially exhibit 187, the standard is exhibited 1280, the 2381 domestic companies that attracted 30 many areas of countrywide and city come round to join exhibit, have chicken of Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Jinan, Ning Bo, Kunming, Harbin, Xi'an, Taiyuan, treasure, Fuzhou nearly 20 friendly cities form a delegation ginseng meeting, the leader such as Li Ke of Xu Guangchun of secretary of provincial Party committee, standing vice-governor attended an opening ceremony, join meeting number to amount to 300 thousand person-time. Meeting cent of the 13rd Zheng Jiao is indoor exhibit field and outdoor extend a two shares. Indoor exhibit field is main reach household articles for use to wait for category of estate of 8 three-year institution of higher learning to undertake exhibiting a setting with cap of dress of family expenses textile, cloth art, dress, knitwear, shoe; The area is exhibited for car and relevant fittings outdoor. Among them, the home spins dress of cloth art, dress, knitwear to exhibit area dimensions to innovate again tall, exhibit with the type for mid area of the meeting most.

Oversize of whole nation of Zheng Jiao meeting —— is exhibited meeting, the bureau of business affairs of city of Zhengzhou of golden key —— that opens market of sale in domestic market says about chief: The 13rd Zheng Jiao meets “ exhibit demand exceeds supply, this goes up in the history that Zheng Jiao meets or first. Zheng Jiao meeting course is old breed meticulously, had developed become countrywide oversize to exhibit meeting. ” comes round to join Chen Shaokang of deputy secretary-general of municipal government of the Guangzhou head of delegation of the meeting, Guangzhou is right more this Zheng Jiao can be profuse in praise. “ Zheng Jiao will be better year by year, dimensions, form, organization, person is angry, go up year after year new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position. ”

Market information—— export competition is increasingly intense, inside need market year after year to increase suffer a RMB to appreciate, exit drawback is reduced, " labor contract law " carry out, raw material cost shoots up wait for integrated element influence, export market competition will be more intense. The tremendous potential of home market is being released gradually, become the main consumption force that will promote industry development henceforth. A few spin export business to change strategic eye to home market in succession. Population of Chinese Henan whole nation is the biggest province, economy lasts, healthy progress, economic gross occupies Chinese front row for years continuously. Gross National Product of complete 2007 province achieves many yuan 15000, rank the whole nation the 5th, rank mid first of 6 provinces. It is a center with Zhengzhou, radius 600 kilometers radiate is close 400 million population, 45% what consumption of family expenses textile, dress occupies mid area. And the profit space that home sells is the 5 ~ that foreign trade trades 7 times, the home that has 70% above is spun, industry of dress, knitwear lays the view Chinese mid market.
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