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2008 Guangzhou sprotswear, sneaker, motion deserves to act the role of exhibitio

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Time: 2008Year 9Lunar 25-27DayExhibit an address: Guangzhou new gymnasium exhibits a center


One: Extend meeting advantage:

1: The data that occupies Manufacturers Association of international sporting goods shows: In China athletic sportswear acted the role of market sale to amount to 2006 for 12.3 billion dollar, the market of athletic dress is in every year with average the speed high speed of 30% grows, plus Beijing 2008 those who detonate is new round of business chance, motion recreational outfit is becoming Chinese popularity to install, the sprotswear market that high speed increases and its rich and generous profit attracted numerous abroad manufacturer join in, be able to bear or endure famous sprotswear brand grabs the international such as pace of gram, Adidasi, acute, Kuang Wei, young tiger horse in succession beach China market, the passionate collision of brand of China and foreign countries makes Chinese sprotswear market achieves all-time prosperity, market competition also turns white-hot with each passing day, professional exhibition as it happens satisfied the propagandist need of each old brand company.

2: Current, be in Guangzhou 700 often live more in population, sports population was occupied 42.8% , guangzhou citizen has the person of 41.3% to exercise above 3 times every week, the sports of Guangzhou citizen consumes most area of home of recognizant prep above, the occurrence of upsurge of fitness of the whole people, drove athletic equipment and movementThe heat of dress sells, apply successfully 2010 Asia Game, was to activation more Guangdong sports industry and relevant estate market.

3: Guangzhou regards the mark of modern life as the city, having infinite appeal to circumjacent area, face harbor closely at the same time, bay, area of stage, southeast Asia, have the numerous and potential multitude that consumes high grade, high, fitness, travel, recreational, recreational activities already made the main component that people lives, every businessman cannot forgo the boundless business chance that contains among them, any opportunities create the history of the enterprise likely.

4: The professional personage that is center of contented and many club, health body, gym, playground, agency purchase demand, exhibition of this things of dress of second Guangzhou motion will organize ginseng of well-known company of many 300 China and foreign countries to exhibit, it is the industry distinguished gathering of high standards, in order to model industry name tagvisiting card, for the yield inside the industry, for, sell an enterprise to offer to show the new product, site that develops sales promotion activity, it is industry elite border the grand meeting with meeting, infinite business chance.

2: Exhibit meeting conduct propaganda and audience organization:
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