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2008(the 4th) Shanghai international is prepotent actor Yo and pregnant expositi

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Date: On October 24, 2008 - 26 daysPlace: Shanghai smooth congress exhibits a center

LSponsor an unit:

Shanghai population and family planning committee

China International commerce promotes committee Shanghai branch

Things of Shanghai family planning runs association

LUndertake unit:

Shanghai trade hurried shows limited company

LAssist run an unit:

(wait for calm)

Support an unit:

Committee of major of childen's garments of Chinese clothing association

Association of trade of Hangzhou baby Tong Hang

Support media:

" parents "

" mammy baby "

Net of things of infant of an ancient name for China

Support media particularly:

Shanghai east is little channel

Market background:

Current, market of things of our country infant enters high speed to send exhibition period, average and annual increase by degrees 17 % above, hold a conference or consultation of company of far outclass the corresponding period tastes retail amplitude. Since 2004, the new student of our country be born emerge in large numbers gave the century on afterwards China 50 time and the tide of baby of triple wave after 80 time. Occupy future to forecast, it is during 915 ” of “ , our country gives unripe number every year to will achieve 1800-2000 10 thousand, add strip high to move consumption to upgrade continuously in our country GDP, the 4th times population is born height arrival and China are falling to the setting of world market transition from world plant, chinese “ be vividly portrayed of ” of baby child economy.

L2007Year exhibit can review

²Exhibit an area: 8000 square metre

²Ginseng extend company number: 123

² exhibits digit to measure: 318

²The place that postpone business belongs to country, area: China (Taiwan, Hong Kong) , 5 1 countries such as Australia, Spain, Norwegian, United States, France, Switzerland, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Holand and area

²Domestic famous brand: Exhibit meeting assemble strong because unripe, shellfish is group of the United States, good child, elegant earth up, on Kang Bei, Lei Yun, the baby of more than 100 pregnant such as NUK of henry family name, Germany Tong Hang course of study is famous enterprise

²Numerous international brand, land China first: We were greeted first numerous and abroad famous pregnant baby child brand, be like Spanish JANE S.A. , OKBABY of ROSE MADAME of YELLOW WARE of MURRAY DOULBURN of UNIKID of BOON of Swiss MEDELA AG, Norwegian STOKKE, Norwegian Besafe, United States, Indonesian MOMMY MODE, France, Australia, Thailand, Japan, Italy. Their take an active part in the prospective infuse more that will be exhibition international new element (add a picture)
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