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International of 2008 China Chengdu is concessionary manage reach join in chain

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2008Year on September 18 - 20 days of Chengdu are newInternational conference exhibits a center

The support of authoritative origanization construction and numerous unit

Support an unit: Sichuan enrols trade bureau Chinese trade union

Run an unit: Chengdu is newInternational conference exhibits a centerChengdu trade newspaper office

Chengdu gold rich exhibits Jin Juean of limited company Chengdu to accuse finite liability company greatly

Cooperative support: Sichuan TV station, China on the west company of daily of evening paper of newspaper of business of TV station of Metropolis Daily company, Chengdu, Chengdu, Chengdu, economy, China is patent whole world of technical network joins in net China is interlinked join in net, whole world is interlinked join in net, China is concessionary net, China joins in serve

One, exhibit setting

Center of the science and technology that Chengdu regards the State Council as affirmatory southwest, finance, trade and traffic, signal center, it is the distribution centre of goods goods and materials with important southwest, on existing sale 100 million yuan consumable market 25, on 1 billion yuan manufacturing data market 6, direct radiate Sichuan saves the market completely and the circumjacent province such as Chongqing, Yunnan, Guizhou, Shaanxi and Tibet, city, municipality. The Yi Teng of the domestic Le Fu of the Mai Delong that the commercial atmosphere that Chengdu flourishs attracted Germany, France, Ou Shang, Japan is foreign famous businessman comes round outside the 10 much family circumstances such as Hua Tang settle. To drive western the further progress of Chengdu chain industry, attract settle of more domestic and international well-known trademark western Chengdu, cooperate a government sector to develop western, development interlinks an industry, make western chain aircraft carrier, international of 2008 China Chengdu is concessionary manage reach join in chain exhibition will in September 2008 18- - 20 days, in Chengdu new international conference exhibits a center to hold. This second exhibit meeting general to develop Chengdu advantaged economy, humanitarian, environment and western distinct area advantage, promote western

Economic confluence, interactive with development, we are capable will current exhibit can do dimensions tall, have actual effect and the trade grand meeting that have far-reaching effect.