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2008 China (Nanjing) concessionary chain joins in poineering exhibition

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Extend meeting time: On November 15, 2008 —17 day

Exhibit meeting site: Nanjing international exhibits a center (dragon coil road 88)

Sponsor an unit: China International commerce promotes committee Nanjing branch

Chamber of commerce of Nanjing of China International chamber of commerce

Undertake unit: Jinan song China the exhibition serves limited company

Nanjing phoenix shows limited company

Countrywide chain joins in net

■ introductive

As market economy perfect and develop ceaselessly, concessionary chain joins in as the whole world most popular company expands dimensions and individual to do poineering work way, already presented a powerful vitality and favorable development situation in China. The change that consumes a structure and the occurrence that consume heat join in to concessionary chain bring vast development space, and increase of asset ceaselessly as individual finance, consciousness of investment conduct financial transactions and demand increase increasingly, concessionary chain joins in can make the main way that enlarges enterprise dimensions further not only, and also to turn hillock reached poineering personnel to create smooth, efficient operation opportunity. Nowadays, below new industry standard, choose likely investment item to already became the current investor, heat that joins in business pays close attention to most.

Jiangsu is located in our country the eastpart part coastal center, rank river of the Yangtse River, the Huaihe River downstream, and other places of radiation Shandong, Zhejiang, Anhui, Shanghai, Jiangxi, Fujian, regard provincial capital as urban Nanjing, hinterland capacious, market is active, it is the central city with famous circle of economy of delta of Chinese the Yangtse River. Concessionary management chain joins in exhibit since can landing Nanjing last year oneself, as Nanjing only introduction joins in about concessionary chain the exhibition that reachs poineering business chance, already got broad ginseng postpones business, join in pay close attention to eagerly and agree of the business, person that do poineering work, media reputably. Current those who exhibit meeting general to help broad investor contact and understanding provide standardization more is medium or small concessionary project, the help is medium or small chain manages a project to draw more investment attention, join in Nanjing chain hard exhibit make to grow trigonometry area internationalization, specialization, the communication grand meeting that the brand spends. Make an appointment Jin Ling, pull hand money, one fills the broad market of good luck, expect your participation eagerly, believe to be below your participation this second exhibit meeting general more rich and colorful!

Before congress invites sincerely global travelling merchant, will join exhibit, development market! Congress is cordial serve for you, build good business chance for you!
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