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Exposition of sporting goods of international of HongKong and Macow of the 5th a

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Invitation letter

Showpiece date: On September 5, 2008 ~ on September 7

Nod showpiece: Guangzhou bright and beautiful Chinese exhibit a center

Approve an unit: Department of Commerce of People's Republic of China

Support an unit particularly: Games of the 16th Asia organizes committee

Sponsor an unit: Chinese sports science learns

Center of equipment of equipment of sports of national sports total bureau

Guangdong saves sports bureau

Bureau of civil affairs of government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Bureau of development of sports of government of Macao Special Administrative Region

Guangdong saves sports industry association

Constant and group limited company

Undertake unit: Guangdong constant and international sports read extensively central limited company

Assist run an unit: Bureau of Guangzhou city sports

Guangdong visits center of equipment of stadium house equipment

Guangdong saves sports science to learn

Guangdong visits social sports center

Guangdong saves student sports federation

Guangdong visits sports lottery management center

Abstruse international sports popularizes limited company in Guangdong

Guangzhou constant and exhibition limited company

[exhibit setting]

As the buildup of Chinese comprehensive strength, beijing Shen Ao is successful 2008, guangzhou is held 2010 Asia Game, activity of fitness of the whole people gets comprehensive promotion. The country already tried sports industry to give aid to energetically and be thrown as a burgeoning industry, predict sports industry will obtain gross domestic product 2010 1.5% the left and right sides. Sports regards the rising sun of 21 centuries as the industry, making Chinese countryman economy a new point of growth. Our country already became world sporting goods to make big country, the sporting goods already made the key product that steps a country to purchase.

[casting of 8 years of brilliant, character]

Precipitated 8 years to do the Guangdong body gain that extends experience to meet(ISGF), already became the 2nd big, Asia of Chinese exhibition of the 3rd big sporting goods major, provide one of exhibition of dimensions and character most as industry of Chinese sporting goods, ISGFAlready established good public praise in industry, judge by the attention become reconciled of the personage inside course of study. “ISGF2007”Already in September 2007 17- - 19 days are in Guangzhou bright and beautiful Chinese exhibition center is held successfully, exhibit can attract more than 300 ginseng to exhibit business and more than 20000 audiences that come from 45 countries and area in all, audience of course of study of its technical secondary school 20324 people. Look into future,
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