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Fabrics of textile of the 8th 2008 China International reachs complementary maki

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Show a location: China International trade centre (Beijing founds a state door Wai Street 1)

Time: On November 17, 2008 —19 day

Approve an unit: Chamber of commerce of Beijing of China International chamber of commerce

Bureau of Beijing business affairs

Sponsor an unit: China International commerce promotes committee Beijing branch

Constituent unit: Harbor China foreign international is exhibited in (Beijing) limited company

Beijing world trade centre

Sea extrapolate is wide: Italian HJJ shows medium group

Hua Yang international (Hong Kong) show limited company

Taipei spins develop to meet

Show program: Report for duty cloth exhibits: On November 15, 2008- - 16 days

Exhibit formally: On November 17, 2008- - 19 days

Postpone meeting introduction:

Current exhibition complied with an industry to develop posture, for domestic and international textile production company of complementary makings and product of its form a complete set offerred the face to reveal the platform that communicates with commerce, it is a business development market, arena that enlarges commerce not only, more industry elite assemble, competition and cooperative photograph union, meet of a major programme of lasting importance of development of commercial firm estate greatly in all. This second exhibition is main effort with export direction, market of sale in domestic market of give attention to two or morethings. Still arrange improvement trade and a variety of economy commerce such as joint-stock, collaboration negotiate. Sincere invite the country such as Euramerican, middle east, Korea, Italy, France, Japan, Russia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and region industry to assemble in Beijing ginseng to exhibit, communication, reveal, negotiate, commerce. Current exhibition will more facilitating major buys the home to concentrate time and energy, obtain first-rate view to exhibit the effect to create more business chance.

◆ previous term or session exhibits can review:

Previous term or session is exhibited meeting and 13-15 day was held successfully in China International trade centre in December 2007, exhibit an area 10 thousand Duopingmi, gather together domestic and international numerous and well-known company and brand. Have statistic, professional audience exceeds 23 thousand, intent clinchs a deal the forehead 683 million yuan of RMBs. Among them abroad and professional audience is occupied 12% , audience of China north area 48% , other province city and municipality are occupied 40% . The audience comes from dress of countrywide each district to produce company of company purchase department, domestic and international foreign trade, agency, agent to wait mostly. Exhibition it may be said is true meaning “ commerce negotiates, the spin industry distinguished gathering that communicates cooperative ” !
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