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The 4th Shandong joins in chain, concessionary manage and in exhibition of small

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The 167th times standing conference passed the State Council on January 31, 2007 " commerce is concessionary management regulations " , home is concessionary manage, join in chain market moves toward standardization to develop course further. Shandong regards an economy as the province of swift and violent development, stability of dweller income consumption level rises, disengaged capital abounds the society, chain joins in with its advanced management pattern, huge is had to develop a space in Shandong. The 4th Shandong is concessionary manage, join in chain exhibition negotiates meeting course is successive 3 success is held, already became Huadongde area scale is the largest, normative rate is top, influence range is the widest exhibit meeting, should exhibit can reach professional conference to exhibit an orgnaization by governmental function branch, strong media strong strong together, annual nearly 6 million yuan of advertisement publicize investment, professional audience accumulative total breaks through 100 thousand person-time, was the dilate of company low cost that has new project, new technology to develop new approach not only, also be broad the person that annals does poineering work searchs business chance, investment to do poineering work offerred opportunity, the 4th Shandong is concessionary manage, join in chain exhibition negotiates the practical effect that meeting general pays attention to enterprise ginseng to exhibit more, bend force makes enterprise and investor both sides negotiate, the bridge of communication, collaboration.

Before 3 extend meeting case:



Financing project is released

Patent project

Cooperative intent

Clinch a deal the forehead

Professional audience

The first harmonious meeting





240 million yuan

20 thousand person-time

The 2nd harmonious meeting





360 million yuan

30 thousand person-time

The 3rd harmonious meeting



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