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The 5th 2008 China are concessionary management chain joins in (Qingdao) exhibit

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Time: On November 15, 2008 - 17 days of places: International exhibition center of Chinese Qingdao silver-colored sea

Invitation letter

Sponsor an unit: Chinese chain joins in guild supports particularly: Business chance is online " business circles · becomes rich "

China (Hong Kong) Hua Xun of big money net connects Qing Dynasty of concessionary management association

Shandong interlinks guild

Qingdao poineering service center undertakes unit: Qingdao vacates exhibition limited company 1000 times greatly

Cooperative media: Shandong of Qi Lu TV station is defended inspect " Qi Lu evening paper " " the great river signs up for " " Yangtse Evening Post " " contemporary wall bulletin " " market information signs up for " " China runs a newspaper " " Qingdao daily " " peninsula Metropolis Daily " " Qingdao morning paper " " contemporary sale " "

" business circles is urban and rural become rich " " science becomes rich " " fortune bound " " become rich connect " Hua Xun knows business chance China of online chain China joins in net of business chance of dealer network China whole world joins in the net wins in join in net of big money of net Qing Dynasty joins in - sina is concessionary chain channel.

★ one. Extend meeting advantage:

Of 2008 China concessionary manage the auspicious opportunity that has welcomed unprecedented development, had become the mainstream pattern that business grows. “2008 China Qingdao is concessionary management chain joins in exhibit ” greatly, had become husband of countrywide entrepreneur, profession inertial the industry distinguished gathering that participate in and nots allow to miss, improve and promoted join in the benign development of poineering economy!

Serve as major exhibit meeting “ Qingdao of the 4th China is concessionary management chain joins in the consummation that exhibits ” greatly, got joining exhibiting business and visiting business height approbate and evaluate, offer us bigger hope. Qingdao serves as project of caique of the 29th Olympic Games sponsorred a city 2008, of ” of the Olympic Games on “ water hold, those who raised Qingdao to be in the world is famous degree reach consequence, the organizing committee will be organized meticulously in special “2008” , serious plan, bring everybody a more successful “2008 the 5th China is concessionary management chain joins in (Qingdao) exhibition ” . Let us make an appointment Qingdao, taking the warm wind of the Olympic Games, hoist the sails the sea, open up is infinite business chance!

★ 2. Ginseng extend range:

1, category of food food and drink: The chain orgnaization such as food of meal of type of Chinese and Western, chaffy dish, coffee, bar, fastfood, barbecue, snack, characteristic, drink;
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