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The 8th 2008 China (Shanghai) international dress dress sticks a card to machine

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Time: In December 2008 17 - 19 days

Place: Store of Shanghai world trade (Yan'an on the west road 2299)

Exhibit meeting website:

Sponsor an unit: Chinese dress signs up for

China is the same as a source limited company

Shanghai dress guild

Undertake unit: Shanghai song China the exhibition serves limited company

Popularize an unit:

Chinese dress newspaper office Alibaba market conditions of dress of net of female outfit of China of net of dress of China of GOOGLE Baidu

100 professional media such as NEWS of fiber of Japan of net of dress of Zhejiang of times of dress of net of dress of brand of China of dress management newspaper

★ is aimed at Ming Chunxia's seasonal dress information release and order goods.

The dress with ★ exclusive and professional whole world sticks a card to exhibit exhibition area course of study of 9 three-year institution of higher learning exhibits 10 thousand square metre the area predicts professional audience 20 thousand person

Exhibit conference forward position

The China that sticks card treatment exclusively to give priority to a problem with dress as home (Shanghai) international dress dress sticks a card to machine exposition (CTFE) from 2002 initiate, heretofore had held 7 successfully continuously. Come 7 years, chinese dress dress sticks a card to machine exposition to accompanying Chinese garment industry ceaseless development expands, perfect maturity ceaselessly, become Chinese dress to stick the year grand meeting with card accepted group, become dress to stick card business market to develop, brand promotion, trade negotiates, the main platform of international communication, become dress of domestic and international understanding to stick card forward position the window of newest tide vogue, there are tremendous influence and extensive radiant emitance in industry, it is Chinese dress sticks card group to provide influential major to exhibit meeting.

Every CTFE exposition attracted dress bound authority, name to pour out of banquet to look around. Come 7 years, CTFE gathered together to come from what 30 many countries and area reach home to purchase business many nearly 50 thousand, professional audience 100 thousand much person, exhibit enterprise and major to bought the home to create tremendous business chance to join, many enterprises are exhibited through joining look around, knew a client, concluded order, formed join in business. The pulse with CTFE clingy jumpy times, choose a theme meticulously, pass through elite people the brains of wisdom, provide authoritative guidance for garment industry, hold Chinese dress dress to stick a card to machine the trend of the industry better.

The dress of the 8th CTFE 8 years December sticks card treatment to exhibit trade to negotiate still is to exhibit of the meeting thematic. Besides showing figure, negotiate collaboration is enterprise ginseng apparently those who exhibit is exclusive also be ultimate goal. Current exposition gets strive ginseng postpone a business, purchase business and the win-win of the person that attend the meeting, aggrandizement is exhibited the commerce of the meeting trades and order goods function, implementation “ is in again trade the target of ” . the industrial characteristic of the further outstanding treatment that stick a card, stress the main body position of industry characteristic and enterprise, dress of farther play China sticks a card to machine the advantage that extend, pay attention to the effective demand that postpones business, those who realize commercial profit is the biggest change. Current CTFE will take a series of move, include to organize a group of people of same interest to purchase business and professional audience team formidably, invite commercial elite and current thumb to arrive unified exam examine, begin large economic and trade activity to wait, make current dress sticks a card to machine exposition to become the ground that gains predestined relationship of business of business chance, wide cement truly.
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