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2008 Nanjing are concessionary join in do poineering work exhibit

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Time: On October 17, 2008 —20 day

Place: Center of Nanjing culture art (Nanjing mayor Jiang Lu 101)

Sponsor an unit:

China joins in chain project center

Association of Chinese flow of goods

Support an unit:

Singapore of financial group legal person world trade center

Financial group legal person head center of Er world trade

Interlink China

Chain joins in platform

Chinese chain joins in industry net

Undertake unit:

Sincere article can exhibit an orgnaization

Culture of Nanjing sweet brook transmits limited company

Theme: Search for the project join in

It is the person that do poineering work to look for a project

Postpone meeting brief introduction

As the —— of successful trade pattern with accepted whole world concessionary management chain joins in, since entering China, with extremely strong osmosis force pervades each industries, already evened more at present 200 thousand join in chain store gross, and comparative will still develop flourishingly inside a paragraph of period.

7 years " commerce is concessionary management regulations " apply, normative this one market, the project just casts those representing capital how to begin collaboration more effectively, already formed heat.

Nanjing, area the dominant position is prominent, be located in belt of economy of coastal, the Yangtse River to hand in collect place, it is the city of the 2nd large center that grows trigonometry area to be next to Shanghai, what as Nanjing city the circle drives is close together with each passing day, commercial covering power is more remarkable.

Nanjing can exhibit weak environment whole nation top-ranking, can exhibit competition ability to rank the 5th, it is the city that the first furniture of domestic has the meeting of real significance to exhibit course of study to coordinate an orgnaization.

2008Nanjing is concessionary join in do poineering work exhibitBy the commerce between famous international organizes inside course of study: Singapore of financial group legal person legal person of world trade center, financial group head center of Er world trade supports with all one's strength, china joins in association of flow of goods of chain project center, China is sponsorred, sincere article can extend culture of mainland branch, sweet brook specific undertake carry out, make the concessionary management chain that accords with Chinese market current situation join in poineering project shows grand meeting jointly.

2008Nanjing is concessionary join in do poineering work exhibitAnnual, nanjing of be born ancient capital, radiation grows trigonometry. Will reasonable use the resource dominant position with good oneself, engineer promotion meticulously, breed Nanjing concessionary join in do poineering work exhibit this one brand. At the same time normative ginseng exhibits audience of behavior concentration major, setting ginseng extends upper limit, make join exhibit business chance attending the meeting the biggest change.
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