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Luo Na of CORONA of acting character of high price of Liang Yongqi ten million a

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2008, liang Yongqi greeted another height on him career, afterwards goes out successfully perform the film " the woman is ecru " hind, GIGI is made an appointment with with new boss autograph again. Now, in the bookshops is rife GIGI will take the place of with ten million high price female outfit of character CORONA vogue.

It is reported, "CORONA Luo Na aing jade-like stone " held water in March 1995, through more than 10 years accumulate, 3 revolutionary dilate, already made the well-known trademark clothing that conforms with international market photograph nowadays, it is an a dark horse of dress domain.

"CORONA Luo Na aing jade-like stone " LOGO is distinctive and imply is far-reaching, among " O " be be deduced by an ink marks and come, representing " CORONA Luo Na aing jade-like stone " artistic quality and cohesive affinity. "A jade-like stone collect " Hai Zhongyi is one word demit " beautiful jade " . "Graceful " of graceful of indicative female curvaceous. Beautiful like this name is same, "CORONA Luo Na aing jade-like stone " female outfit designs novel, line fluent, reveal ego. Pursuit " black and white it is colour, color adorns the mood " design concept, give priority to color to move with grave black and pure white, with 20-35 year old city white-collar female is main consumption group, the product gets the favour of Chinese female, sell as far as to the international market such as Russia, Korea even.

Look, "CORONA Luo Na aing jade-like stone " the GIGI with us is to match absolutely really, it is the most perfect combination.

Once, a person is in GIGI on the stage, sing " I already was cut short my hair, clipping care, cut the fork that is not loved, long length is short short long, one inch one inch is struggling " , even if applause is like tide,the stage falls, she looks still so doleful and helpless. Do not know her to whether remember Ceng Youyi's individual pulls the hand that has her in rain; Ceng Youyi's individual is looking at her silently in last of concert of 10 thousand people; That her bingle is sung for a person only it seems that...

Nowadays, if suddenly separates an era, GIGI come out Qing Dynasty is acerbity with puerile, become a perceptual and elegant woman. She still one individual station is in the center of arena, still one individual station falls in magnesium light lamp, however she is sung " the heart of 誰 說 woman is brittle, painful 過 laughs at 過 to want face 對 ; Doleful not 會 my break 毀 , do flimsy stamen no longer " . She is self-confident, she is brave, she is calm, she is firm, have no longer on her face " bruise " , her eyes is sturdy in that way. She is the spokesman of city female, deducing fashionable woman particular beauty and sad.

Emerge in black and white colour using infinite lasting appeal, hard crust leaves the heart that lapping one contains full story. I think, only GIGI just is to deduce " CORONA Luo Na aing jade-like stone " the optimal person selected of female outfit, also have only " CORONA Luo Na aing jade-like stone " female outfit ability knows GIGI today's mood.
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