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Sen Marong obtains Zhejiang award of pioneer of innovation of 10 old brands

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Sen Marong obtains Zhejiang award of pioneer of innovation of 10 old brands

On April 13, first " Zhejiang saves award of pioneer of innovation of 10 old brands " announce formally, "Dark horse " the fictitious management pattern that has many yuan of 40 sale however with building a product line, as Wen Zhou only brand is obtained " pioneer of innovation of fictitious management brand " special honour, get of congress commend ceremoniously.

It is reported, to show the success that Zhejiang brand blazes new trails in the round, stimulative enterprise starts own brand, make strong brand, the van that produces famous brand adequately sets an example action, advance further " the brand is saved by force " construction, association of association of Zhejiang province brand, company firm protection and committee of protection of province consumer rights and interests were held jointly " the brand is saved by force, the pioneer leads -- Zhejiang saves pioneer of innovation of 10 old brands to choose an activity " . Sponsor root to be affected according to innovation of brand consciousness, brand, industry, continuously the selection standard such as development, recommend those who give pioneer of 22 brands innovation to await in all choose roll. Poll through the society choose and the expert's round integrated appraise sth through discussion, "Dark horse " the brand that waits for 10 enterprises wins out finally, become the delegate that leads Zhejiang brand construction.

Senmaji is had now below round banner " dark horse " and " Balabala " two old online brands, use concessionary management mode, in the whole nation 29 provinces, city, municipality is bred developed many 3000 brand shop, sale is climbed from more than yuan 3000 of 1997 litre reach 4 billion yuan of 2007. Jin Yifeng

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