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Innovation of technology of Ming Sheng spin adds vigor aggrandizement to manage

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Limited company of Shandong Ming Sheng spin since this year, produce around the enterprise closely actual, from technical innovation proceed with, improve product quality, reduce production benefit of cost, implementation is the greatest the activity that changes an of a mass character that builds innovation enterprise " as " compose often is caught indefatigable, obtained better result.

Rise to achieve quality, energy-saving fall the purpose of bad news, this company grabs from innovation, undertake modification perfecting to original working method and administrative measure, took new administrative step. Between the 2 filature before spinning: Measure to raise high yield, solve supply nervous problem, adopted " Qing Dynasty to comb output of car of couplet 1# , 2# is complementary the method that pours dish of " , 2# dish manufacturing combing and general comb component of two kinds of cotton wool, not only alleviated supply nervous problem, and can raise yield of 2 tons of sliver everyday. In product quality respect, in the light of drawing weight not index of divide evenly ratio stabilizes this one issue not quite, be in beforehand and, combing, head and, 2 and in producing a course, adopt the base that supplies in fixed machine stage to go up, secure the method of bucket date again, solved combing breed 2 and weight not divide evenly difficult problem, make weight not divide evenly percent of pass achieves 97% above.

Between the 2 filature after spinning: Grab from innovation above all, it is good to organizing staff study " cotton spin spun yarn is worth lathe work course of action " on the foundation, make to original drill the law undertakes modification, established the bleachers standard with new spun yarn. Try spin JC60S, C40S 2 breed, the bleachers norm with these 2 original breed is everybody respectively 3.5, 3. The bleachers norm that holds course of action newly is everybody respectively 6, 4.5, increase spread respectively than original bleachers norm 2.5, 1.5; Machine stage is clean: JC60S is done every classes 2 times so, cleanness of new operation law is done 1 times, c40S is original every 5 hours do cleanness 1 times, cleanness of new operation law is done 1 times for 9 hours. Fall in the light of gauze of knitting of spun yarn JC40S next expand of the balloon after gauze, camlet of wool of easy generation chatelaine difficult problem of this one technology, adopt fall in spun yarn gauze hind uses bamboo a short slender pointed piece of metal to delimit gently by value lathe work gauze method, make aerosphere returns to normal, put an end to camlet of wool of spun yarn chatelaine.

3 spin spun yarn workshop: With the technology innovation is breach, pay attention to caught the following link. It is begin to be in from Feburary 26 law of new operation of spun yarn of workshop try out, try now spin C60S, C42S, C34S, C28S4 breed. The original stand norm of these 4 breed is 3.5 respectively, 3.5, 2.5, 2, norm of bleachers of new operation law is 6 respectively, 4, 3, 2.5; Machine stage is clean: Wring by fine of bamboo of instead of aperture of original consult ingot, original cleanness is done every classes 2 times, stage of machine of key of instead of new operation law is done 2 times, other machine stage is done 1 times. 2 it is active and active use spinning new-style only, adopt mix in Pi Gun on outfit pressure club is added to lie between between Xiao Zhi be apart from piece method, make bombazine dry got rising. In the meantime, they take positive step again, because add outfit pressure club to lie between,overcame be apart from piece cause increase of machine stage broken end, the issue that the life becomes hard, it is normal to make workshop life was achieved.
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