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361 dress Olympic Games year " inside and outside holds concurrently long "

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361 dress Call together channel business to be able to exhibit a center to hold in Xiamen taste a news briefing newly, roll out its ceremoniously 08 strategies, the terminal business that comes from the whole nation exceeded 3500 people, achieve industry dimensions new tall.

"Ethical affection " ignite Olympic Games passion

361 dress In the whole nation of business of many 3500 terminal before, roll out its ceremoniously 08 strategies: After passing matting of 3 years of pains, be in " China, do oneself bravely " in the theme, with " ethical affection " this theme, start internationalization process formally, perfect domestic network further.

Well-known, olympic Games always is affection of each country nation rising, consumer " confuse ocean " the hour of exponential lowest. On the news briefing of 361 dress, man of 361 dress president waits for an Olympic Games in light of the angle that Wu Hao stands in a Chinese, issue a proposal to Chinese of entire nation, whole world.

He thinks, 361 dressTimely put forward " China, do oneself bravely " catchword calls the collective aspirations that gave millions upon millions Chinese. The 08 strategies of 361 dress are cent 4 much, will go up in the fundamental key of nationality " hold to ' China does him bravely ' a sound " .

Comprehensive laid sale channel pulls open internationalization to take program screen

361 dress In put forward " ethical affection " appeal to beg while, the laid that continues to increase sale channel. It is reported, 361 dress will be searched in home market, the core area with new open up, invest 500 million yuan to undertake starring the market such as inn is built. Wait for the promotion of the respect through overall arrangement of store of personnel service, net, 361 dress enhance the key the competition ability of terminal, shop of 25 luxurious star is made in the whole nation, upgrade rectify and reform more than 500 sheet to taste inn and shop store, start the construction of store of figure of the 5th acting level in the round.

Of fetching attention is, in this second taste a news briefing newly to go up, 361 dress besides announcing to introduce the Oriental Ren De that ever served for world-famous motion brand to regard the strategy as associate, more put forward clearly first " internationalization " the strategy, and before this, fontal state is other athletic brand is one-up already process of the internationalization that start.

To this, 361 dressAssistant president Xia Youqun thinks, the Olympic Games is the sports grand meeting that the whole world pays close attention to, before experience proof, have the aid of this platform, a lot of motion brands got swift and violent development, and the brand sign that 361 dress compose this by the arabic numerals, have need not translate the peculiar dominant position with respect to each district of can current world, miss this impossibly once in a blue moon opportunity.
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