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Dress, cloth, complementary makings, bombazine, leather is bought

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Our company are one manages the outfit that take a side, cloth, the trading company of complementary makings, held water 1996, the accumulation that already had ten years experience, the company faces the whole nation to buy firm stock export, dress of sale in domestic market, on the west pants, recreational pants, the T-shirt, sprotswear, bull-puncher dress, childen's garments, jacket, underwear, briefs. Knitting cloth. Damask, jean, silk cloth, wool flannelette, gauze gets stuck, in all fabrics making the clothing such as cloth TC cloth. Complementary makings, copper is buckled, slide fastener, alloy, cotton rope, line and bombazine, silk of ammoniac black silk ribbon, polyester fibber gauze, polyamide fibber gauze. Cowhide, sheepskin, pigskin, change of Pu change.pvc, without visit cloth, the inventory such as shoe material. Incoming telegram of bearer of personage of greeting all circles negotiates Chen Sheng of.135030057 report 020-22253537. Thank

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