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Wide hand in meeting ginseng to exhibit spin look forward to we need not dollar

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Yesterday, the partial business that postponing in cloth expresses clearly:

"Affirmative need not dollar settle accounts. " yesterday midday 1 when, limited company of Bei Ya of Italian triumphant assorted is undertaking final adornment. Miss Chen shows company concerned controller, the product of the company basically sells past China, Euramerican and other places, but the RMB appreciates ceaselessly, the dollar depreciates ceaselessly make them right trade settle accounts means make a demand: Call out  of round Fen of fluid of addiction of the heir that mail amaranth?

The company of Shanghai China source that basically exports dress grows Wang Dong of vise general manager of limited company of imports and exports to also express, the hope has close an account with euro, if travelling merchant insists to ask to use a dollar, it is the period of validity to quote surely inside 3 months. "Because the RMB is right,the exchange rate of the dollar changes too quickly really " .

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