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The titbits that well-rounded brand exhibits in underwear of Shenzhen internatio

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Exhibit in underwear of brand of international of the 3rd Shenzhen on, below banner of limited company of Guangdong well-rounded clothing " well-rounded " brand with " green, bright beautiful, lively " product characteristic, attracted numerous multilateral inside and outside to purchase the attention of business and person of the same trade. Limited company of Guangdong well-rounded clothing already had history of more than 10 years of designs, production, its productivity is abundant. Have capacity of independent design, development. "Well-rounded " since the brand appears on the market, already the whole nation has many 600 to join in inn, this second exhibit in Shenzhen underwear on, the company creates platform actively on brand promotion, patulous brand culture, publicize brand actual strength, make all consumer recognition well-rounded, love well-rounded.

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