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Ze Daijia Yi -- the vogue in deducing black and white crisscross

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Limited company of dress of Yi of beautiful of black of Hong Kong lustre store of 400 square flagship at Men Daying of tiger of city of Dongguan of formal on January 25, 2008 settle Oriental international city 6 buildings, on March 24, "Ze Daijia Yi " greeted dress to reveal meeting, with the characteristic of its vogue, individual character, connotation, attracted numerous business door come round to negotiate.

Limited company of dress of Ze Daijia Yi is a joint ventures, the modern clothing company that major seeks fashionable and recreational lady to undertake integral series design, production, sale, management is an organic whole in the light of the high level in home. Management mode with concessionary representative, join in inn runs a mechanism for the market, the product spreads all over countrywide major city and area, sell as far as to the country such as Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, France- - Ze Daijia Yi, its creation, design is embedded dress, skin is provided, shoe, cap, scarf, glasses. Emphasize the design concept of concise vogue, recreational elegance, insist to carry leader tidal current in originality, since entering Chinese market, with its the style is savoured lead the market alone, halfback and not make public, high and not Philistine, rangaimei's lady enjoys the connotation of its brand. Be in in the develop a school of one's own in high-grade dress brand, call black and white culture. We enter exhibition, visit a supplier, accept the proposal of stylist, we are spent to the extend of all fabrics, lubricious prison is spent, function of durability, catharsis and overall level have strict control, do one's best chooses meticulously in order to ensure content is worth somewhat.

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