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How does sale person talk with the client on wine desk

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6, carefully watch what sb is doing and saying, know popular feeling

Want to get everybody's admiration on wine desk, must learn carefully watch what sb is doing and saying. Because with person intercourse, be about to know popular feeling, be able to achieve success one way or another, ability performs the role on good wine desk.

7, the ability is shot gradually, sit firmly father-in-law

Clear situation should see on feast banquet, true him value actual strength, not too actuation, retain the sense of property of force of a few wine and conversation as far as possible, both neither lets others look down upon his not to cross minute of the earth's surface to show oneself again, choose appropriate occasion, radiate gradually oneself ability, ability sits firmly father-in-law, do not send others to produce the opinion with respect to this bit of ability, make everybody dare not underestimate your actual strength.

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