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How does sale person talk with the client on wine desk

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1, numerous be the same as happily happy, avoid by all means is murmurous

Most convivial guest is more, answer to discuss the topic that a few major people can participate in more as far as possible so, get the self-identity of most person. Because of the individual's interest face of hobby, knowledge differs, so the topic does not want as far as possible too slant, avoid only I alone honour, all over the country, divine Kan immensity, appear run problem phenomenon, and oversight everybody.

Do not stick ear with the person as far as possible especially in a low voice murmurous, give others a kind of uncanny sense, often can produce good with respect to both of you envious psychology, affect drinking result.

2, aim at guest and host, hold overall situation

Great majority asperses a banquet to have a theme, the purpose that drinks namely. Sweep answers above all when attending the banquet the bearing expression of everybody, distinguish primary and secondary, drink to drink not purely, and lose the main chance that makes friend, the drinker that should not let certain try to please the public with claptrap more is roily the meaning of Amphitryon.

3, the language is proper, humorous and humorous

Asperse the talent that a person can show on the desk, common sense, accomplishment and intercourse demeanour, sometimes the language of a humorous humour, meet a guest leave very deep impression, make person virtually produces good opinion to you. So, should know to should say what word, the language is proper, humorous humour is very crucial.

4, urge sb to drink. is measurable, do not importune

Often can encounter the phenomenon of urge sb to drink. on wine desk, some people always like to become wine field battlefield, try every means persuades others to drink a few cups more, think not to drink a quantity to be in falsely namely.

Talk a hero with wine, OK still to three-bottle person, it is difficult that wine hidebound makes, cross minute of ground urge sb to drink. sometimes, the friend feeling with will original meeting is destroyed completely.

5, propose a toast orderly, primary and secondary is trenchant

Proposing a toast also is a knowledge. Propose a toast usually should be foreword with identity of discretion of age size, position, guest and host, before proposing a toast must mature good the order that propose a toast, trenchant primary and secondary. Be convenient to use and unfamiliar the person drinks together, also should ask about portion of one private parts first or be advertent others how appellation, know exactly about sth wants in this heart, prevent occurrence awkwardness or pained situation.

The order that propose a toast must have held when proposing a toast. Have beg go up in banquet at some guest when, want naturally to him doubly deferential, but want to notice, if attendant have higher capacity or elderly person, should not be opposite only the person that can give you help reverent and respectful, also should give first honour person better proposes a toast, can make everybody very shy otherwise.
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