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Let 80 hind do a sale to sound rely on chart with respect to not very

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Record duty field one day true, know the one side with true all trades and professions.

Company setting:

The furniture company of subordinate of some large and state-owned company.

Individual setting:

Made ten years of sales, hit in furniture industry went all out 6 years.


High business manager. Manage a salesperson, oneself a little particular also sale works.


Kind of viewpoint thinks: "Two kinds of the hardest works on the world, it is an athlete, it is a sale. " actually, mastered the important principle of the sale, this work is not hard.

The first, the mouth wants be convenient to use. Next, to product know sth like the palm of one's hand. Whether make it bill, should look " communicate with the client how " . Among them sincere letter is the vitallest. Letting the other side feel you is to helping his / she, your company has actual strength, the product is excellent.

As to rake-off, before be being compared now a few years a lot of, a lot of people are already right " entertain guests, have a meal " disinclination, feel even these dinner parties " encroach " their private space. Naked rake-off is little also, special resemble our company, those who face is the manager of the foreign enterprise, the director of state-owned perhaps unit, section chief. It is not easy that they climb this position, who can be 89 rake-off, risk " go person " risk?

A bit more additional, it is negligence of a lot of people, but also be the most important. The sale belongs to service industry, want to let the other side feel comfortable above all. This is not installed, need hair replaces consider of the other side from inner ground, care the other side. But, present a lot of youths, especially " 80 hind " , be brought up in sweet jar as a child, it is forever " other people is right his / she is good " , do not know " how right other people is good " . On the post of service industry, need takes a lot of pain, throw a lot of fall, the flower just can suit several years.

A day of June 2007:

Make good plan in the evening before today.

Got up early at 7 o'clock. 7 ∶ 40 doors, open a car 40 minutes to arrive unit.

8 ∶ 40 early meetings. Go up to business personnel " matin " , assign the job, explain product knowledge.

9 ∶ 30 everybody acts separately. I must stay more half hour, processing at hand signs up for the thing that come up.

10 ∶ 0 leave an unit to see a client. Lunch did not decide a dot, walk along to be solved where. Do us this, a lot of have stomach trouble.

Afternoon 4 ∶ 30 companies, the clerk comes up the problem newspaper that encounters today, collect, do solve.

30 clerk of 5 ∶ comes off work, I should stay more half hour, handle a few sundry. Generally speaking, busy to 6 o'clock, job of a day ended.

I am used to an a few jobs to bring back the home, make plan for instance, give the commodity that did not secure a level rate. Overall for, the job does not calculate too busy.
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