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Network community forum is interactive how does sale overturn traditional

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Sale of ★ network community -- make an user freewill become " nuclear fission type travels " node

★ IM sale -- the reliability that information transmits and advertisement of consequence excel tradition

★ net You Zhi enters advertisement IGA -- deepness conformity net swims media and advertisement form and content  

Change in agency fragment, cent is numerous spend the period with more and more outstanding trend, traditional sale pattern confronted unprecedented challenge, how more does essence of life find customer definitely? How to avoid higher sale cost, avoid consumer to produce aesthetic exhaustion to sale activity? This makes person of a lot of sale bemused. And the occurrence of interactive sale brought new sale thinking to broad medium and small businesses, essence of life changes the prominent dominant position that makes interactive sale with low cost definitely.

Normally the circumstance falls, to the enterprise, building a website is the first situation that has interactive sale, enterprise website is the E window that netizens understand company brand and product. No matter network sale develops what level, the website is to need forever option. And the indispensable one annulus in searching engine sale to had made integrated sale, the proportion that the fact proves to search engine sale to hold whole and interactive sale is in all the time promotion. In addition, the network community sale that rises abruptly in recent years, IGA(in-game-AD, namely the buy inside game enters advertisement) , IM sale and network video sale more the newly emerging force that makes interactive sale.

Network community sale -- make an user freewill become " nuclear fission type travels " node

the brand or product and heat incident engraft, of the attention that touchs a netizen then and transmission " incident sale " a magic weapon that the law is community sale.

"Network community sale is most one of sale kind that have interactive feature, the netizens in community have enough right to choose the information that he browse, and can send a true sound that oneself like or detests. Answer because of sale of this network community after media of race to control of slam the door, but to suffer numerous insanity ' Push ' cranky advertisement train of thought, should package brand message ably those who have topic sex and initiative transmission sex ' virus ' , make an user freewill become " nuclear fission type travels " a node. " Dong Ming of Liu of Internet sale expert says.

The card of a series of coffee is carried on the head by force by netizens on the network recently. " the originality of coffee has a way " in revealed some MM to make a variety of delicate and goluptious provision with nest coffee, have originality very much. And " whole strategy of OL coffee thin body " the method that introduced office OL to use body of nest coffee model reducing weight. " the nest coffee that 12 constellation love most " shirt-sleeve youth's zealous constellation topic, found the coffee that nest coffee suits them one of everybody a group of things with common features most for them according to the character of each constellation. Because these cards combined the heat that netizens care, everybody is happy to be shared on the net. is in the netizen initiative discussion is shared in, the brand of nest coffee slipped into the netizen's cerebra.
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