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The special rule of Zara lives

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If this dress brand that comes from Spain wheres two finish inside week arrive from the design the course that takes shop, hold low cost again at the same time?

Financial crisis made consumer constrictive remove purse, the day of American dress shopkeeper also greeted cold winter. But the Zara chain store with Spanish Inditex subordinate group depends on price justice however and fashionable dress is in the whole world is fervent open business. The company that this market prise is as high as 13.8 billion dollar since 2000, no matter be in sale, profit margin, still turned over 4 times on amount of set up shop. This also lets it approach Gap dress group of the United States increasingly, to the world shopkeeper of the biggest dress strides. 2008, inditex group increases plan of set up shop to 640. "Compare with other competitor photograph, inditex will spend the difficulty of instantly. " supply management to learn to teach Michael Lewis to say.

What is the secret of Inditex? Besides the sale relatively cheap, outside the dress of tide of prep close behind, inditex still observed an iron rule: Severe every segment that accuses to supply catenary to go up. Be this iron rule the time that makes it OK go to dress to be placed finally on storefront from original design shortens it is two weeks. This kind " fast vogue " the model that also makes study of other dress shopkeeper.

Inditex used 30 old time to perfect this strategy. It broke all routine of retail trade almost. The supply of most clothing company catenary begins from stylist, they had decided below one year one year ahead of schedule will popular design. But in Inditex, the brand shop manager of Zara should monitor everyday that day work off what. They can dog all states, from current sale trend, want to buy to the client but the pattern that cannot find however inside inn. They can grant 300 stylist of Inditex this kind of demand, next, the design that client place requires can place bar in time.

Will tell commonly, garment industry large quantities of the bag outside order gives cost inferior Asian state. The product that Inditex has an in part is in Spain, portuguese, still have Moroccan factory production, give the dress of tide of prep close behind with respect to meeting production so. In the meantime, from hamster, africa, still the Asia buys the basic clothing that resembles and so on of T-shirt unlined upper garment. The employee salary of Inditex is very high, the worker of Spanish factory can get 1650 U.S. dollors every months on average, but there are 206 U.S. dollors only in Chinese Guangdong. The supply that the factory of Inditex used delicacy system, these systems are the content with major sheds plan to settle trade of joint development, such, inditex company decreased to be opposite external depend on, independent character rises greatly.

Besides, inditex can supply a product to any markets from the factory that is located in Spain. It is OK taste newly carry inside 24 hours the brand shop to Europe, pass freight plane, can be in 48 hours or the shop of shorter time introversion United States and Asia offers money.
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