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The Shanghai fashionable dress of girl of vogue of a Taiwan does poineering work

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Brief content: The Cacy with deft heart often oneself start work do some of dress to deserve to act the role of, she hopes CacyChen is small shop of a dress not just, however the visual originality inn of complex formula. Her dream is some day, one leaves to 1 arrive in the old foreign house that can be in Shanghai the takes VIPROOM sportswear of 2 levels acts the role of inn, the customer that invites her enjoys VIP to serve truly.

Was tired of digital life

Seeing Cacy is in Mount Hua road in a cafe. Although already was in the evening, but Cacy still mental coruscate, the dress that goes up personally more show originality.

Cacy says, before coming to Shanghai, she in Taiwan a company pursues financial job. All the day the life with contact with of number of forms for reporting statistics, make her clinking be tired of. "I begin to learn finance affairs from the university, can feel financial from beginning to end however and do not suit me, what I prefer is design and visual art. " perhaps be inherent the factor that has disturbed branch, november 2003, after struggling 45 years, cacy eventually resolved, resigned finance affairs works, came to Shanghai.

"Shanghai is internationally metropolitan, the Taiwanese that in Shanghai the life works is very much also, and my family also grows here, after so I resign, chose to settle in Shanghai. " like all girls, cacy to dress, deserve to act the role of having natural love. The Cacy that comes to Shanghai has decided a kind of new student is vivid, rise oneself career and hobby union. Open store of one wife and children, became Cacy to initiate the first station of own career. "I am very interested in garment industry all the time, in Taiwan when, the small store that I open with respect to share friend, although did not participate in small shop to run personally, but had been familiar with whole technological process very much. And become dress learn the rudiments of a subject faster, also do not need too much investment. " after a few effort, dream to have the Cacy of him dress brand all the time, all stockpiles that use oneself eventually, 150 thousand yuan of RMBs, on street of dress of the road austral Shanghai's famous Shaanxi, hire issued a storefront, decorate anew hind, this name CacyChen with her regards inn as the small shop of the name, it is eventually by 2003 come out.

"The small shop that I want to let me becomes Shanghai the most outstanding in course of study of person of the same trade. " Cacy says haughtily, having infinite longing to new student baby like young mother.

Begin to seek the brigade of the dream

The first CacyChen of the road austral Shaanxi is very small, small arrive to only 3 people can stand, and the schoolboy of coat of winter dress massiness, step not to take inn door even. Although the CacyChen of the road austral Shaanxi has 8 square metre only, also make giant appearance attract eyeball without too much capital, but she is being decorated however and a lot of idea were spent on the dress. "Dress is a big science, from an appearance of an inn, with respect to the idea that can see merchant. With respect to the idea that can see merchant..
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