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Culture of brand of dress of analyse of sale strategy explore is built

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Baijiaer is in adviser of chief strategy of American ERY company when speaking of company brand building, say: "The brand culture of the enterprise is managed is a significant company culture establishs an activity, well-known like a lot of worlds trademark -- Coke Cola, be able to bear or endure gram, Intel, Nuojiya, Mcdonald's, never had had the brand that does not have culture property. When entrepreneur begins to build a brand, culture is permeated necessarily and perforative among them, produce its incomparable effect. And building a brand is the process that reveals marrow of culture of a kind of company adequately actually. And building a brand is the process that reveals marrow of culture of a kind of company adequately actually..

Visible, brand culture is the necessary attribute of the brand, it carries a brand establish a procedure sufficient and whole layer comes out now.

The value size of brand of clothing company product mirrorred a society to be opposite of its brand and enterprise approbate degree, the dress brand nature that is approbated extensively by consumer has higher market sale capacity. Most clothing company is paying close attention to the commerciality one side of dress brand again, and neglect its sociality one side. Actually, the socioeconomy function of dress brand comes from its intrinsic value, culture and individual character. Because dress brand puts the foundation that be in to come from the client's demand, consumer decided the diversity of brand content again to the omnibus demand of the product. And the connection of dress brand and consumer is diversity, have the concern of demand and supply not only, still have the content of economic level, individual character level, more important is the content that has social culture level.

The spiritual prop of dress brand

The brand should reflect due spiritual prop, the spiritual prop of dress brand is to show dress brand must serve as culture to prop up with advanced thought concept. Clothing company serves as with the enterprise closely related consumer, its are highest strategy of target, management thought, management philosophy, management development and its management system are an enterprise of integrated culture reflect. By simple commodity as the competition between the enterprise competition, quality competition enters brand competition phase, model good brand image to already became the strategic target of more and more clothing companies. Will analyse from the economic value of dress brand, the ideal configuration such as the management view that brand of dress of avery kind of is an enterprise, viewpoint of value, aesthetic view and the summation of management behavior, the concentration that is clothing company image is reflected. Because make all sorts of element of configuration of dress brand objective, reflected the culture complex of dress architect and affection atmosphere on one hand, wu of kimono of concept of the quality awareness that reflected dress producer on the other hand, service is artistic, on all brilliant card culture that these elements center a watch to make dress product now. If brand of a dress is not representing certain culture to have to be less than the favour of consumer, blend in intense market impossibly in competition. Dress product should make a brand, want to form favorable market effect, be not the result of in one day, must pass the joint efforts of faculty, on design and modelling, on technology and craft, ceaseless on quality and service excelsior, ability achieves a goal. Concept culture is the core of clothing company, it included the corporeal culture of dress brand, spirit culture, society culture to wait, with the viewpoint of value of consumer, spirit view and moral view have stronger oneness. Accordingly, concept culture has extremely strong appeal and affinity, it is the important facet that sincere letter spends hold together and promotion consumer and faithfulness spends.
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