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Anatomize client behavior improves your sale skill

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Buy the angle analysis of behavior from the client, efficiency client is in when facing a certain salesperson, 5 psychology change under general meeting experience process, be called commonly " organize a client purchase 5 paces " .
A) feels good phase: This is the first reaction when the client faces a new product or new idea, right now because the client did not buy intention, accordingly " irrelevant of impatient, chill, conversation " etc is normal.
B) determines demand level: The course sells the representing's work, or it is him client acknowledge is opposite to the product its interest, the value of the product has realized in client heart right now, he can show the interest to the product, meeting patience listens to a sale to represent the product explanation that dash along. The close month that this phase of the client often is sale delegate period, the client is absorption in the memory that open-eared picture keeps for a long time in the salesperson, make a salesperson enjoy oneself so much as to forget to leave.
C) evaluates compare level: However good times don't last long, when the client begins to consider to want essence to purchase, goods begins to look up than 3 thought, and understand as more thorough to the product ground, as the reflection of the problem that produces to the likelihood after this product is bought, the client begins to undertake assessment comparative. At this moment the client becomes captious, crosscurrent layer goes, can move toward inhospitality from enthusiasm even, show instead buy intention reducing.
D) decides to buy level: Right now client made clear the value that the product brings to him already completely, or it is external environment coerces the client must be determined to purchase. In this phase, the client still can hesitate finally, the supplier in be his ideal next seeks a ground, carry out finally buy.
E) uses experience level: As efficiency model the sale will tell, not be the thing sells absolutely went out to come to an end. After the client bought a product, this meeting contrasts what this clerk depicts before this after purchasing wish Jing Jin is compared all right, look to whether anticipate conform to with his. If exceeded oneself expectation before this, the client is satisfactory, can have be being purchased continuously is to turn even the possibility that introduces other client; If experience,expect basically with oneself conform to, client state of mind can be compared smooth; But if discover what the effect that uses actually compares forecast,should differ, the client is about to complain, name-calling, put forward to return money even or be to try to look for a balance on tail section.

2) basis of above " organize a client purchase 5 paces " have the crucial technical ability that reachs through post analysis classified conformity, formed final " CSP grooms system " .
A) knows a client kind skill: The skill of this phase, basically apply in the process of preliminary arrange with with the client, the purpose is the setting situation that understands a client more as far as possible, include situation of company, operation, internal relationship, demand to wait. Coach the understanding client of subordinate kind skill, advocate if the person is the following 4 respects:
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