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How does clever clerk let foot a bill of agency be most willing to

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Will tell to the clerk of most manufacturer, let oneself administer agency draws out money from pocket a lot of time are harder than entering a day. The investment to local brand, investment of the market, especially the investment of terminal activity, moment of agency great majority spends money (devoted) it is overcautious. Agency or is " not throw the troops into battle " , the clerk that holds the post of manufacturer " wind of north and south of thing holding the post of Er " ; Or is " thunder is big, raindrop is small " , of type of be forced to tell sth bit by bit " blood giving a point " , deal with manufacturer to finish sth; Or is " do not see bunny does not scatter an eagle " , manufacturer threw money, I am cast again, mix at least manufacturer half-and-half burden, cannot be in an unfavorable situation, the oil of the can much manufacturer that wipe a point is better.

The clerk of all manufacturer understands this fact, the agency investment to the market, ground of true gold silver is bungled, can not have the effect certainly. More cry for nothing solely what is more,the rather that, play " Karate " do local market impossibly at all. The agency investment to the market (beautiful money) be like play basketball, must assure to the ball is hit in agency hand (the capital that the ball invests to the market namely) , just likely shoot a basket hits the target (get order, get market share) opportunity. If do not have a ball, can be to look only " basket " promote sighed.

Will tell to the clerk of manufacturer, the value that its exist lets agency can play a ball game namely (market investment, beautiful money) can score a goal (get share of market of order, loot, earn profit) . The buying and selling of be out of pocket everybody does not wish to do, made first time, become the 2nd times no longer absolutely.

How can you let agency you can have confidence, capable " dare spend money " ? Let ground of agency be most willing to undertake the market is thrown, especially Where is the investment to terminal activity?

Will tell to manufacturer clerk, letting agency dare spend one of hang of money is " big surveyor's pole, spot resource of meeting, conformity lending strength " !

The first pace " big surveyor's pole " should establish an outstanding agency example namely. The force of example is boundless. Clerk thousands of words, be inferior to agency a few words. Let agency persuade agency, it is the simplest, most the method of save labour. It is better that the clerk chooses an actual strength to compare strong, management train of thought first, cooperate to spend taller, market with the company devoted apiration is bigger, right all round the agency that has radiation and force, establish this agency into the example that a market throws. Again this the success is gained on the dot. The benefit that makes market of savor of this example agency devoted, person be benefited that makes market investment, become manufacturer market to throw the spokesman of the example of the respect and manufacturer. This is cultivated namely " big surveyor's pole " process.
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