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Do poineering work from -- borrow money to begin

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At all times and in all over the world, always be to gather easily beside influential officials plute a few ignorant and incompetent however the generation that talking around is like reed, bring calamity to the country and the people person have, circumvent faithful fine person have, the person that dally with political trickery has, the tooth root that lets numerous people hate is crawly.

And do not say far, carry the look is current, the circumjacent Lilliputian beside employer of a few industries also is look visible, and arrive from the amount quality rudes compared with the Lilliputian beside the emperor influential officials of past dynasties of all previous face color. These Lilliputian itself do not have what genuine ability and learning, get boss accredit appreciation greatly however, and these Lilliputian just developed to have very big block up effect however to company insider, person of ideals and integrity of how many male ability is elbowed out to come out by these Lilliputian, hold involuntary discharge of urine in the arms and go.

We change an angle to see this problem, these Lilliputian exist, also have the reason that its exist necessarily. These Lilliputian are able to exist, because approbate and be accepted of the boss,be greatly, further for, was to satisfy a boss the need of each respects. So, regard an enterprise as the boss, specific put over again demand?

The boss' demand one: Catfish Quan Fei vasts male Ping

As the changes of the times, the change of the Chinese that had produced world-shaking from idea of course of study. Choose from what accept a society passively before, change to get the first pail of gold with unripe people on one's own side through doing poineering work to hit out actively, realize oneself life value. This has to say is a kind of progress from idea of course of study! This kind of progress also promoted the rapid development of Chinese economy further, economic configuration is rich with each passing day.

However, the person that does not have how many poineering capital to those (college graduate and on-the-job personnel) for, do poineering work be not an easy thing. The first juncture that they face is " money " problem. alleged " one can't make bricks without straw " , how to prepare poineering funds of this brushstroke, everybody has each say decline.

Actually, the answer has final conclusion early. Nothing more than have 2 kinds of train of thought:

One of: Funds raised by oneself.

Tell the person that do poineering work to be able to take his old saving to be taken normally from this meaning start fund as what do poineering work.

Secondly: Borrow " chicken " lay.

Borrow poineering fund through borrowing money to prepare to his kin, friend.

These 2 kinds of train of thought, will look from feasibility, give no cause for more criticism. But the author depends on him to enter the experience that swing to think in bazaar for years -- the person of meeting deal often is the money deal that takes others. And dare the person that the person that the dry, money that is good at borrowing others does poineering work often compares the fund that uses his to do poineering work scores poineering success more easily. See the person that was like simple act private parts to show to do poineering work different state of mind (the respect such as train of thought, efficiency, determination) .
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