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From the sale professional requirement and income look how to turn to make a sal

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What is a sale? Sell even if introduce the benefit that commodity provides, in order to satisfy a client the process of specific requirement. Commodity is including corporeal commodity and service, contented client's specific requirement is to show the client's specific desire is satisfied, or the client's specific issue is solved, can satisfy a client of this kind of specific requirement, rely on the special benefit that commodity provides only.

Sell a talented person popular, because it is the link with market indispensable economy,be. The abidance that the sale just has a company develops, selling a group is the elite in company sale team, it is the firm rock in midstream of the enterprise. What is the enterprise engaged in no matter, need somebody to make such sale, can be a product, it is a service, it is a brand, but sale this position is the indispensable component in every enterprise, this sale team resembles the blood-vessel in human body supporting the life of the enterprise. The in a sense of success or failure of an enterprise says the sale team with it is fine became direct ratio, the sale can say is company of a business and enterprise inside the function of top end.

The sale is current talent market is the most the the most popular, commonnest, active, richest the profession that challenges a gender, medium also fluidity the strongest, workload great, job is the the most painstaking, richest the profession of good-fellowship. 2006, according to website of resource of domestic authoritative labor power -- Chinese talent hot line is newest vane of released to apply for a job of this year's graduates shows, post of invite applications for a job of mart of current person with ability is sold at most, 31% what occupy information of invite applications for a job to count gross. Look 6 years from the enterprise to demand situation of the talent, sale kind with the market kind demand of person with ability of this two large position shows ascendant tendency, and establish center of research and development in China in succession as the enterprise that cross a state, the industry such as technology of IT, electron, chemical industry is right demand will have professional sale talented person bigger growth, accompanying what each industry competes to turn white-hot additionally, the competition of each industry has competed to serve link to the client, the talent demand that the client serves rises quickly.

The sale can classify for: Consumable sale, technology sale. Be engaged in selling the personage of the industry all right to wanting to turn, you should see yourself whether have the salesperson's quality above all, consider you to want to enter which industry next again. The number that although be engaged in selling,works is numerous, but gotten firewood reward also is to have very large development space, someone says to turn to do a sale to also can let you make an earnest wish all right, gain both honor and money, although this word wants to hold water to add a lot of requirements in front even truly, but from a flank we can see people does those who sell future to expect all right to turning.
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