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Clever clerk asks what the client has a meal to know surely to go regular

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For the clerk that works to be engaged in selling, entertain guests have a meal to always be unavoidable, but because lack a few necessary understanding to this problem, a lot of clerks asked a guest to lose cent however. The author remembers some company having a clerk, want to build farther guest affection to concern with the client, but the client is apparently cool however to his manner after entertaining guests, so that clerk is in have dinner when, do not know have dinner formal and the pose of have dinner is coarser, apropos this client is " go into business " culture businessman, the result left very indelicate impression to the client. Accordingly, the client associates from this: The clerk connects basic socialization formal do not understand, manufacturer comes out to run with respect to the clique " all corners of the country " , what does such manufacturer calculate! Visible, when travel wander from place to place and earn a living by juggling, entertain guests or have a few cultured.  

Make clear purpose and object

Everything is purposeful or motive, entertaining guests also is same.  

Tell from the angle of business, the purpose no more than that entertain guests has two sides: It is to have instant commercial purpose; Another respect is to stem from consolidate or the need of affection of further a person engaged in some particular pursuit. Probably the clerk can think this kind of viewpoint has too strong utility quality, devoid the milk of human kindness, but the fact is us it is to undertaking activity of a business, any methods are to achieve his commercial goal, this is give no cause for more criticism.  

Entertain guests clearly only purpose, who should ask next so, how to ask, ask what norms, where be please, control is in what charge, want to achieve what effect to wait, all these question is natural with respect to be readily solved.  

For instance you should get important and decision-making information of the client, or the cooperative plan that whether the client accepts him. So, what next you should ask is not a client, however a certain man Friday of client at hand. If you want to be done,sell greatly, so what you should ask is commodity department manager, is not to sell the general manager of field or employer. Him client won't give you any information, you were asked also is to be asked in vain, and you ask a thing to be concluded harder more; Contrary, if you ask a certain aide inside the client, so everything with respect to easy to handle.  

If want condition of further a person engaged in some particular pursuit, you want him client of object with a view to that entertain guests, and his family, wanted client family and you to establish close relationship only, not the concern that anxious him client follows you will be bad. The clerk of a certain company grows in Changsha was stationed in two years, not was together to had eaten a meal well with the client all the time, because the client is managed,have several companies, it is to run around here and there everyday unusually busy. But although,the clerk discovers this Liu boss everyday again busy, can look for time give his to make a telephone call in the son that reads high school. The clerk found breach, in view of the child of Liu boss heat devoteds to learn English, the child that he finds out time of a day to ask him every week goes attending on the weekend " English salon " , not only English achievement of the child rose, liu boss also is opposite from now on this its appearance not the clerk of raise " look at with new eyes " .  
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