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Experience cruel plays " experience " sale

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During afterwards Olympic Games " Beijing sees " after the activity, will begin on September 15, the PUMA of unwilling loneliness was begun again " F plays " activity, be in continuously in the activity of time of a half moon, should be in only PUMA (China) register on the website login, can challenge " Shanghai stands " game of fictitious F1 racing bicycle, return k of r of a of P of n of i of k of n of the can odd i that carry L to play rock and roll. Than the PUMA before " Beijing sees " activity, this F plays to pay attention to the application that accepts numerous fixed position and sale promotion method more on sale promotion, at sufferring in numerous game experience, PUMA had the brand be revealinged in the round. Somebody plants this " manufacturer and consumer undertake effective brand interacts communicate " activity, call consumer experience.

   Fixed position crowd sets multiple experience pattern

The word says to experience sale this thing, not be to want undisguisedly will " experience " 2 words are hanged on board of ability count, if consume a crowd from the target,set out only, stimulate them, bring them into play, promote the sale promotion that they think and acts to say to get sale of check thing upper part of the body. When accepting a reporter to interview, yong Bing of sale expert Deng introduced the fashion of the operation of experience sale to the reporter, that is to locate first namely consume a crowd, study their be fond of, search from many angle again cut a point, these love the knot makes the content of sale activity and subject, bring into play then suffer numerous participation enthusiasm. PUMA knows his target customer clearly apparently, so they together F1, together the sale plan that k of r of a of P of n of i of k of L i n has be been aimed at this liking recreational individual character, consumption on the high side carries a crowd, of clearly is the information that provides young tiger horse solely, after be inferior to adding the information of k of r of P a of F1 and n of i of k of L i n for certain more the attention that draws these consumptive crowds.

CEO of company of young tiger horse makes an appointment with henry · Cai Ci (z of t of i of e of Z of n of e of h of J o c ) the appointment that once was the cooperative appearance of the brand two brands or allied, he says: "The partner must see bilateral disposition harmonious, and harmonious foundation is the customer that we have identical love, high end a bit, vogue returned appreciably to contain individual character " .

Of course perhaps somebody can ask, jumping-off place is in consumer, is not brand oneself, can because pay close attention to a dot,you cause a company too lay particular stress on consumes a crowd and oversight the conduct propaganda of brand itself? Yong Bing of sale expert Deng thinks, to mature experience sale, such result won't happen of course, because of the purpose that the brand publicizes, it is to obtain the attention that consumes a crowd and self-identity, in all sale shift reach the same goal by different routes on this.
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