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How to choose chain is brand shop inn long?

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How to choose chain is brand shop inn long? Does the responsibility with brand shop chief inn have those?

One, shop function and personnel framework

General shoe dress is spun, household building materials, gem makes up, the brand shop of meal electric equipment (hall) cent is 3 kinds, it is CS concept inn, brunt image store, 3 class inn respectively, the function of 3 kinds of shop is differ, if CS concept merchant is figure transmission, high grade service, concept is communicated, the function such as administrative innovation, the sale that brunt image store is brand shop, figure the main force of two big functions, and 3 class merchant should have sale and intercept function, although the function of 3 kinds of shop is different, but its organize a framework basically very much the same, basically decide to deploy reasonable staff according to the size of shop.

The size of different brand shop is differ, what set staff differ. Fall than having the case of 3 the following counterjumper only like an inn, need not use set inn to grow, set “ inn to aid ” directly namely store manager assistant. The inn that configures below store manager at the same time is long should be in professional direction somewhat deflection, the respect manages to have stronger capacity in personnel than growing like one shop store, 2 shop store is long be about to develop erroneous tendency at display or sales promotion or the talent of the intellectual competence such as the product.


2, the capacity demand of inn chief invite applications for a job

When inn grows invite applications for a job, should noticing is the inn that enrols which kinds of shop grows, at present the monopolistic shop of the mainstream has 3 kinds, CS concept inn, brunt image store and 3 class inn. In 3 kinds of inn, inn grows ability to ask each are different.

(one) store of CS concept shop grows capacity

1, direct capability

Long to the inn of CS concept inn, already asked to have administrative ability not simply, still need to have innovatory ability, lead counterjumper to initiate namely brand-new domain. There should be professional knowledge on the job, teach counterjumper well and truly to pursue the job of its one's duty, try in time point out mistakes so that they can be corrected. Accordingly, the inn of CS concept inn grows the knowledge that must have each sides, namely alleged all-round talent. The direct subordinate that also wants the patience that has a teacher, in an orderly way at the same time.

2, the competence that teachs affiliated to a ministry

Should make employee works more jump over vigorously, with respect to the potential that must want to inspire them, develop field of vision, the knowledge that lets them grows day and day, the talent of such shop just is met increasing.
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