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Interlink company insider management

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One, chain company insider manages train of thought

One of crucial and successful element that informatization is pattern of contemporary chain industry, also be chain company headquarters this one tiring-room assures inn of face each other this undertakes administrative core downstage, to chain from the supplier the enterprise is purchased, production, commodity, deserve to send, the informatization system that finance affairs needs to bring into an enterprise to terminal consumer again. The terminal of consumer information is collected and use the main component that is informatization construction among them. The collection for implementation consumer information, use and control, need builds member management system.

The product that the essence of member management offers durative, long-term sex for the client namely and service, this kind of substance that mode of this one development runs for the member supplied chain door store strong terminal platform, in the meantime, the product kimono Wu that comes true to offer durative, long-term sex for the client needs will short-term model client development is long-term model, stability client, and the way that the member makes what implement this kind of change just about suit most, this associates with respect to need build powerful member platform system, master insider information thereby, master a member to consume data, implementation member controls government. From client value service of sense respect member is reflected for the foundation service, appreciation serves and serve 3 administrative levels distinctly, spend respect cent to be average customer, member, faithful member continuously from the client 3 administrative levels.

2, member platform is built

Company of chain of need of insider data platform applies informatization software to unite build, chain headquarters provides insider information system to inn of door of branch, terminal, inn of door of headquarters, branch, terminal classifications attributive control.


3, member management

Member management classifications according to inn of door of headquarters, branch, terminal attributive carries out different content:

4, the membership serves

Member service is the content carrier that implements member management system, doing not have charming member to serve the member of content to make cannot attract a client to join. The different characteristic of the commodity according to interlinking an enterprise and service can develop different member to serve, at present more commonly used membership serves a project to include commonly: Integral of consumption of member of privilege of discount of consumption of chain door inn, chain is accumulated change ceremony, free goods is safeguarded or the service project, favourable treatment that enjoys businessman of chain company alliance, offer service of free business affairs to wait a moment for the member. While the member enjoys above to serve, chain company still ought to undertake to the member nonsked relation is safeguarded be mixinged regularly concern for a long time with hold together, make a member undertake be consumptived for a long time. For this, chain company needs to undertake consumptive the pay a return visit of satisfactory state to entrant not only, still need to have nonsked pay a return visit to old member.
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