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51% accuse a the leader of an alliance and join in the new play of business

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The leader of an alliance and join in the concern of business is original special and simple, join in business obtains the authorization such as pattern of the brand of the leader of an alliance, management, product through paying fee, manage independently next, the risk is carried oneself, basically mix the concern of capital market gains is not big. But action business joins in recently the game regulation on the market is choppy, more and more joining in that if he follows,business discovers was opposite ” of “ a form of address formally used by an employee to his employer or a tenant-peasant to his landlord (the leader of an alliance that is invested by VC) , future is obtained likely still multiple the capital gains at managing profit (the accrual after appearing on the market) .

“ is very much make money join in what business knows to call capital accrual far from actually, think oneself inn makes money at present simply, was bought suddenly by the leader of an alliance the equity of 51 % , the gain half that seems to earn is about deal out the leader of an alliance, psychology is particularly lopsided. Actually the leader of an alliance is bought joining in the purpose of business is not is want and join in business shares management profit, want to obtain financial forms for reporting statistics however, appear on the market finally in order to come true. Once appear on the market, the leader of an alliance and the capital market gains that join in business can acquire high specified number. ” only the United States spends group president dawn to say, her enterprise just obtains one domestic flower the first round of 15 million dollar invests compose of endowment wind spec, future appears on the market but period.

Join in why business is contended for be accused?

The closest period of time, —— of hairdressing chain brand only the United States spends headquarters to receive a lot of advisory telephone calls, a few investor are hit, they hope to join in only the United States is spent. According to only Mr Karl that the United States spends record of market department manager, Taiwan introduces, mere such phone will receive nearly 1000 March. Know through investigating ability, so these investor hear of only the United States is spent should buy join in business, and be be filled with with city of rate will buy severalfold.

Only after the United States spends the investment that takes 15 million dollar this year, begin to begin to prepare to construct 5 big agency of Shenyang, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chengdu and Beijing, increase to joining in the supportive strength of inn. According to only the United States spends president dawn introduction, only the United States spends the plan that buys in the consideration really at present, after planning period of time, begin to buy those management outstanding achievement to join in well inn. “ is in hairdressing industry, large-scale buy join in the behavior of inn just just begins. ” dawn says.
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