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The cruel secret of success that Zhou Chengjian risk manages beautiful Tesibangw

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The enterprise is done big hind, zhoucheng is built and give out heat without brains, when others goes after diversity, he stands fast all the time recreational garment industry he will the tortoise that the analogy is “ make right way rather, do not do the bunny of wrong way. ”

Everyday in the morning, the first thing that Zhou Chengjian rises is ran, this is his only interest besides the job, in repeating the motion on road, he is experiencing fun. And the advertisement statement that this enterprise that he steers a boat makes is “ does not walk along common road ” however.

Regard beautiful Tesibangwei as president, zhou Chengjian of 41 years old is a such people, contradictory and extraordinary.

Hype · is composed

Zhou Chengjian is very be good at the person at hype. He sends disinter to acclaim the potential of ” from personal “ truly, it is to be in market of Wen Zhou's biggest temple of clever fruit of costume market —— , over his business also begins to start.

1986, zhou Chengjian comes to Wen Zhou from county of green cropland of native place Zhejiang, he of head of 20 annual expenditure wants what to do not have what not only, and because do,still closed down an enterprise, bore many yuan 20 liability. The craft that he meets exclusively is sartorial. But tailor is too painstaking. Once, he is stranded so that be no good really, the a batch of business suit arm when operating a machine is cut into parts short one big chunk, the following day the boss wants his be out of pocket, one compensate is hundred thousands of. Zhoucheng builds where compensate to must rise. But very fast, a thought is in his brain thrill through. Finally, he changed business suit arm jacket arm, will other place also was done alter accordingly. Through so change, this batch of goods became salable production actually. This gave Zhou Chengjian very strong hope. From now on he is plunged into directly into market of clever fruit temple, the business of the factory after the inn before was being made.

Business dress wants bargain at that time, he drew out 800 yuan of money to make a small ad on local media, call “ me give out cost price, you add the dress that choose fund to take away ” casually, this action caused very great sensation in Wen Zhou.

Until later, zhou Chengjian opens beauty of the first “ Tesibangwei ” inn when, each respect prepares to return inadequacy, he did a “ however ” of 1000 inn project starts a ceremony, the Wen Zhou at that time famous business street bespread red carpet on 5 horses street. Although him Zhou Chengjian returns heart of it doesn't matter in the heart, had been familiar with however the be fond of of media. The clothing company of a Wen Zhou should open 1000 brands to interlink inn in the whole nation, discuss ardently what caused media. He again “ hype ” is successful.
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